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Job Search Expenses and Deductions

Many people in this country are looking for jobs, and oftentimes, there are expenses that go along with that search. At a time in your life when there is no money coming in, but you find yourself having to spend in your quest searching

Seven Reasons to Try e-file

If you have never filed your tax return electronically, you should definitely consider trying it this year. Join the millions of taxpayers who are saving time and money to file their tax returns without the many headaches often associated

Tips to Start Planning Next Year's Tax Return

the taxes withheld from your pay closer to the taxes you will owe for the next tax year. This is important if you normally receive a large refund and you would like to have more money in each paycheck. If you owed taxes when filing, you may

Suggestions for filing your tax return last minute

deadline (extensions can be filed from your TaxSlayer account for free) * If you owe the IRS and/or state(s) make sure your payment is sent in by the April filing deadline ( you can pay electronically ) * TaxSlayer provides

Illinois Subtractions (Schedule M)

Military Pay Earned Enter the amount of military pay that you received from the U.S Armed Forces or the National Guard of any state. You may not subtract the following: * combat pay that is not included in your federal adjusted gross

Arizona Charitable Funds (Voluntary Gifts)

later on an amended return. Aid to Education Fund - Gifts go to the Arizona Assistance for Education Fund. The Arizona Board of Education will distribute money in this fund to school districts. You may give some or all of your refund

What is a Form 1099-B? (View a sample form)

the sale took place and the amount of money that you received. To view a sample Form 1099-B, click here.

Where do I mail my OH payment due

To mail your OH payment due, please print the payment voucher found at the bottom your accepted return. Mail your payment (check or money order) payable to Ohio Treasurer of State with the voucher to: Ohio Department of Taxation PO Box

Alabama Income you DO NOT Report

benefits. * State of Alabama Judicial Retirement System benefits. * Military retirement pay. * Tennessee Valley Authority Pension System benefits. * United States Government Retirement Fund benefits. * Payments from a “Defined Benefit

Missouri Subtractions from Income

attributable to the interest on the direct U.S. Government obligations, as determined by the mutual fund. Attach a copy of the year-end statement received from the mutual fund showing either the amount of money received or the percentage