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Form W-2G: Gambling Winnings

gambling, you can generally list your losses as a deduction to help reduce your income and lower your tax bill. To enter your gambling losses in our program go to Deductions > Enter Myself > Itemized Deductions > Miscellaneous Deductions

Form W-2G: Gambling Winnings

your form and TaxSlayer will carry it to the proper places on your return. If you happen to have lost money gambling, you can generally list your losses, not to exceed your winnings, as a deduction to help reduce your income and lower

Wisconsin Addition to Income - Amounts Not Deductible for Wisconsin

activity loss on your federal return for losses incurred when you were a resident of another state. The passive activity losses were not allocable to Wisconsin. The passive activity losses are not deductible for Wisconsin and must be included

Capital Gain or (Loss)

Capital Gains or (losses) are shown on federal Schedule D and reported on federal Form 1040a, Line 10 or Form 1040, Line 13. Other gains or (losses) may be created on federal form 4797 and reported on federal Form 1040, Line 14

New Jersey Income Subject to Tax

, determines taxability. Enter on Line 23 the amount of your net gambling winnings. You may deduct your gambling losses from your winnings that occurred during the same year. You may use New Jersey Lottery losses to offset other gambling

Business Income/(Loss)

Business income and/losses are created on federal Schedule C. The net amount of all Schedule C's are reported on federal Form 1040, line 12. Nonresidents: You would generally include business income and/or loss from Missouri source income

South Carolina Non Resident/Part Year Income Subject to tax

or (Losses) Gains or losses from sale of real property (such as land or buildings) located in South Carolina must be reported in Column B. Indicate losses in brackets. Gains or losses from property other than real property (such as stocks

What CAN and CANNOT be deducted as a Casualty or a Loss?

What CAN be deducted? You can deduct losses from fire, storm, flood, shipwreck, or other casualty. You can also deduct losses from thefts such as larceny, embezzlement, and robbery. You can even deduct the loss of deposits because

Other Income

: income or losses generated in Missouri. Part year residents: You would generally include this income or loss if it is earned during your period of residency.

Type of Property

Select the type that best describes your property. Only select Self-rental if you rent property to a trade or business in which you also materially participated in that trade or business. Tax treatment of the gains and losses for self