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Wisconsin Schedule WD

is limited to $500. Unused capital losses are carried over to later years until fully used. Note If your Wisconsin capital gain or loss consists only of a capital gain distribution from a mutual fund or real estate investment trust, you do

Examples of deductions and credits that are available in TaxSlayer

Casualties and Losses: A "casualty loss" is a loss that is a result of a sudden, unexpected, or unusual event. Examples include theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, and floods. In addition, you can deduct losses

South Carolina Additions to Income

Out of State Losses If you have reported losses from out-of-state rental property, a business located outside South Carolina, or losses from real property located out of state, enter the amount shown on your federal return here. You must

Missouri Property Tax Credits

Administration and/or Social Services that includes the total amount of assistance received, and Employment Security 1099, if applicable. NonBusiness Loss(es) - Complete Line 7 only if nonbusiness losses reduced the amount reported on Form MO-PTS

Enter Capital Gain/Loss attributable to Virginia

Capital gains and losses must be added or subtracted from Virginia if the income/or loss was derived from a business or venture that is based in the state. Enter the portion included on your Federal return that is taxable to Virginia. Long

Michigan Additions to Income

on your federal return and for other taxes on or measured by income, such as your share of city income tax paid by partnerships or S corporations, or your share of the taxes paid by an estate or trust. Other Losses Attributable to Other

Miscellaneous Other Additions

Losses from the sale of exempt government obligations: Enter exempt capital gains/(losses) from the sale of an US Government Obligation Swine/Poultry Producer who used accelerated depreciation: Enter the difference in depreciation from

Kentucky Additions to Income

activity loss adjustment (see Form 8582-K and instructions); * differences in pension (3-year recovery rule) and IRA bases; * differences in gains (losses) from the sale of intangible assets amortized under the provisions of the Revenue

Idaho Additions to Income

losses from activities that weren't taxable by Idaho. NON-IDAHO STATE AND LOCAL BOND INTEREST AND DIVIDENDS Enter the amount of interest and dividends, net of related expenses, you received from municipal bonds of other state governments

Mississippi Non Resident Return/Part Year Income Subject to Tax

and federal amounts, enter the adjustment on Schedule Capital Gain or Loss Enter the amount of capital gain or loss. Mississippi generally follows IRS rules concerning computation of capital gains and losses. Capital loss deductions are subject