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When was the last day I could print a copy of my 2011 return?

Because our program is made for e-filing, the 2011 program was taken down after the last transmission the IRS accepted on October 15, 2012. A copy of your 2011 return was made available until October 20, 2015. If you need a copy of your

How do I obtain a copy of a prior year return?

This option is available for customers. Returns prior to 2013 are not available through our system. If you electronically filed your return with us previously you will be able to print a copy of your return by selecting

How Do I Save a Copy of My Accepted Return to My Computer?

You can save a copy of the accepted return to your computer or thumb drive. When the federal/state return has been accepted you will be notified. Once you receive that notification you can log back in to the account and either print a copy

Lump sum distributions NOT included in your Federal Adjusted Gross Income

Lump-sum distributions not included in the Federal Adjusted Gross Income shall be added to the Federal AGI within the state. Rollovers and IRA Conversions are taxed in the same year as on the Federal return. Enclose a copy of Form 1099

What is the Service Fee to View/Print Prior Year Returns?

TaxSlayer does not charge a fee to view or print a Prior Year return. Returns prior to 2013 are not available through our system. If your return was never electronically accepted, we will be unable to provide a copy in PDF format

Georgia Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State

state for income earned while a resident must include a copy of the individual income tax return filed with that state(s) with a copy of their Georgia return. Otherwise the credit will not be allowed. This credit is not allowed for income taxes

Do I have to mail in a signature form for my state return?

As of Tax Year 2011 no state requires that you mail in Form 8453-OL when electronically filing your return unless otherwise stated on the form itself. Some states do require that you retain a copy for your records. TaxSlayer provides

How do I print a payment voucher to mail it in?

with the full copy of your return forms. The mailing address for your payment will be on each voucher. To print your return, please sign in to your account and click on the printer icon next to your accepted Federal and/or state return(s

Tax Information for Members of the U.S. Armed Forces

affect members of the military: * Click Here — to browse the publication to find specific information, download a copy to read later or print select pages. * Hardcopy — order a paper copy by calling 1-800-829-3676.

Credit for Local Taxes Paid Outside of Indiana-Offset Credits

either a copy of your W-2's showing the non-Indiana locality amount withheld or a copy of the non-Indiana locality tax return. The W-2 information entered into your TaxSlayer account will be transmitted with your return when e-filing