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Oklahoma Other Subtractions- Schedule 511-B

for a period of seven years from January 1 of the first year in which such royalty is received as long as the manufacturer remains in this state. To support your deduction please furnish: 1) copy of the patent. 2) copy of the royalty agreement

Louisiana Refundable Credits

a Louisiana noncommercial hunting or fishing license. A copy of the noncommercial fishing hunting and/or fishing license must be submitted to LDR in order to claim the credit. Complete all information requested in Lines 1A through 1D

How do I print my current year federal and/or state return?

We recommend that you print your return(s) after you have received an accepted acknowledgement from the IRS or State. This will ensure that you have the accepted copy of your return on file. Printing Before Filing: If you would like

Vermont Subtractions from Income

. Supporting Documents Required: Copy of active duty orders. * Up to $2,000 for National Guard or U.S. Reserve training pay earned in VT if your adjusted gross income for tax year 2013 is less than $50,000. Supporting Documents Required: Copy

I received Form 1099-DIV and the income belongs to someone else.

for reporting this income. Click here for a sample Form 1099-DIV . To report the new Form(s) 1099-DIV to the IRS, you must file Form 1096 along with a copy of all Forms 1099-DIV. This form is a summary of all Form 1099-DIV created. Click

Arizona Itemized Deductions

, please see Itemized Deduction Adjustments Note - If you itemize, you must attach a copy of the completed federal Schedule A to your Arizona return which TaxSlayer will automatically provide with your electronic submission.

New Jersey Domestic Partnership Exemption

must enclose a copy of your New Jersey Certificate of Domestic Partnership the first time you claim the exemption, and you may be asked to provide additional information at a later date. If you are claiming this exemption, select YES within

My return is printing without the numbers on it. What do I do?

and click "Summary/Print" on the left side of the screen. * Click the "View/Print Return" icon on the right hand side of the screen. This will generate a PDF copy of your tax forms in a new window. Click Print your 20## tax Return

Missouri Property Tax Credits

from Form MO-A, Part 1, Line 9. (Attach a copy of your Form RRB-1099-R, if applicable.) (Do not include social security equivalent railroad retirement included on Line 2.) Veteran Payments and Benefits - Include education or training

How do I figure my limitation for Form 8853- Archer MSA Deduction?

" instructions. The worksheet that must be completed is on page 3 of the instructions. Complete this worksheet and retain a copy for your records. Once this worksheet has been finished, you can properly complete Form 8853 for your Archer MSA