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What is form 1095-A Obamacare or ACA?

Tax Credit. A copy of this information was also sent to the IRS. You must file a return if you received any advance payments of the premium tax credit. Part I of the form contains the recipient, insurance company, and Marketplace

Why can't I electronically file my prior year returns?

security number >>>Print Your Tax Return. You will be able to view, save, and print the Federal and any state return forms for that year. Please be sure to sign your return and attach a copy of your W-2 statements along with any additional forms

I lived in NJ but worked in NY. Why does my W-2 show all of my income as being taxable to BOTH NY and NJ?

of your income that is taxable to New York. Because of this, the amount you enter in Box 16 may not match exactly what is listed on the hard copy of your W-2. Your New York entry in Box 16 should only list the amount of wages that are taxable

Vermont Use Tax

materials; Cabinetry; * Jewelry; * Downloads of movies (purchased or rented), * music, books or ringtones; * Computer software (packaged or downloaded); * Computer hardware & accessories; * Books (hard copy or downloaded); * Magazines (hard copy

Vermont Payments

, Schedule A, Line 12. Keep a copy of the first two pages of your Federal income tax return and any Federal schedule that documents the income or loss from the VT sale. Note : It is the Tax Department’s practice to allocate real estate

Kansas Homestead Property Tax Refund (K-40H/PT)

to pay those delinquent taxes. The Kansas Department of Revenue will send your entire refund to the County Treasurer. Note : You are not required to enclose a copy of your property tax statement with your claim, however, KDOR reserves

How do I get a transcript of my tax return?

will not be able to use the online transcript tool. However, you can still order a copy of your transcript online to be mailed to your home. Next, the IRS asks that you verify your phone number. The phone number must be associated with your name. The IRS

Oklahoma Subtractions from Income Schedule 511-A

of the tribe of which he or she is a member. Provide the following information for tax year 2016: a. A copy of your tribal membership card or certification by yourtribe as to your tribal membership during the tax year; and b. A copy of the trust deed

I am having problems printing my return.

*If you see a "blank page" open while trying to print a copy of your return, you may be using an older version of your preferred web browser (Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 39, Firefox 33, etc.). To update your web browser to its most

West Virginia Military Filing Information

pursuant to an Executive Order of the President of the United States is not taxable on the West Virginia return. This income is shown on Schedule M, line 48, as a decreasing modification to your federal adjusted gross income. **A copy of your