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West Virginia Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State

be completed and attached for each state for which you are claiming a credit. You must maintain a copy of the other state tax return in your files. This credit is not allowed for income tax imposed by a city, township, borough, or any political

Iowa Additions to Income

the alimony. Business Income/Loss Report the net business income or loss from federal Schedule C or C-EZ. Attach a copy of the federal form. If one spouse has a loss, the couple may want to determine if filing status 2 is to their advantage

How do I file a CURRENT YEAR amended federal and state return?

to include in the Amended Filing the amended form (1040X for the Federal) and the correct copy of any forms that were changed or affected. You will also need to include any supporting documentation. For example, if you amended your return because

Louisiana Military Filing Information

a copy of your official orders, including endorsements that establish your 120 plus consecutive days of active duty with your 2016 return. Nonresident Any military personnel whose domicile is NOT Louisiana must report any non-military

Ten Things the IRS Wants You to Know About Identity Theft

by identity theft, but you believe you may be at risk due to a lost wallet, questionable credit card activity, or credit report, you need to provide the IRS with proof of your identity. You should submit a copy of your valid government-issued

North Carolina Payments

by the manager of the partnership on your distributive share of the partnership income. Include with your return a copy of Form NC K-1 for Form D-403 provided by the partnership to verify the amount claimed. S Corporation : If you

Kentucky Business Incentive and Other Tax Credits

by the Bluegrass State Skills Corporation. A copy of the Kentucky Schedule K-1 for the year the credit was approved must be attached to the return in the first year the credit is claimed. The excess credit over the income tax liability

What state(s) do not allow state-only e-filing?

hand side of the "Calculation Summary" page and then "Print your 2015 Tax Return". You can view, print or save a PDF copy of your return from this page, it creates the Federal and State return(s) in one document. Note : Some states do

If you owed on your return this year, consider making Estimated Payments to the IRS in the upcoming tax year.

Year Estimated Payments. Enter the amounts that you expect to pay for each quarter ( April 15th, June 16th, September 15th, and January 15th ). When you print a copy of your return, the payment voucher will print for each expected estimated

How do I figure my "limitation" for Form 8889?

this worksheet and retain a copy for your records. Once this worksheet has been finished, you can properly complete Form 8889 for your HSA Deduction by entering the calculated limitation amount. Form 8889 can be found within TaxSlayer