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Arizona Other Subtractions From Income

to crop contribution that exceeds the cost of producing the contributed crop. Basis Adjustment for Property Sold or Otherwise Disposed of During the Taxable Year With respect to property that is sold or otherwise disposed of during

Overview of Casualties and Losses

is completely destroyed, the decrease in fair market value is not considered. Your loss is the adjusted basis of the property, minus any salvage value and any insurance or other reimbursement you receive or expect to receive. For more information

How do I know if the person I paid for childcare qualifies?

may have to withhold and pay social security and Medicare taxes and pay federal unemployment tax. for more information, refer to IRS Publication 926 . Care of the Qualifying Person Care includes the cost of services for the qualifying

Section 179 Deduction Limitations

Taking the Section 179 election allows the taxpayer to elect to deduct the total cost of the property purchased in lieu of depreciating the property over the life value. Your section 179 deduction is generally the cost of the qualifying

North Carolina Additions to Federal Adjusted Gross Income

deduction. If you claimed the deduction on line 35 of your federal form 1040, you must add that amount back to the state return. Other Federal Adjusted Gross Income Additions - The amount your basis of property under federal law exceeds your

Form 1065 Box 18 Information

the TaxSlayer program. Please find the specific item within Box 18 that is reported on your Form 1065. Code B. Other tax-exempt income Increase the adjusted basis of your interest in the partnership by the amount shown, but DO NOT include

Indiana Insulation Deduction

), and The deduction must be taken in the year the insulating items were installed. You are allowed to deduct the actual cost of qualifying items, including labor, up to a maximum of $1,000. IMPORTANT: When claiming this deduction, maintain with your

W-2 - Information about Box 12

The following list explains the codes shown in box 12 on the W-2. Box 12 Code Description A Uncollected Social Security or RRTA tax on tips B Uncollected Medicare tax on tips C Taxable cost of group-term life insurance over $50,000 D

Oregon Additions to Income

, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands). Other Additions to Oregon Income 1. 529 Oregon College Savings Network plan nonqualified withdrawal. 2. Basis adjustments. Basis of business assets transferred to Oregon. Depletion in excess of property

Enter Adjustments to Income Subject to State Tax attributable to Virginia

for reservists, performing artists, and fee-basis government officials, HSA subtraction, one-half self employment subtraction, self-employed subtractions, penalties on early withdrawal of savings (CDs), alimony paid, IRA subtraction, tuition and fees