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Maine Additions to Income

, the amount of the add-back on line 1f must be subtracted from the basis of property placed in service in 2016. Then MACRS depreciation must be calculated on the remaining property basis. The amount entered on this line equals the amount

Form 982: What is a "discharge of qualified principal residence indebtedness"?

as qualified principal residence indebtedness. If the amount of your original mortgage is more than the total of the cost of your principal residence plus the cost of any substantial improvements, the full amount of the original mortgage does

Why did I not receive an e-mail acknowledgement or confirmation?

click on "Show Details" for more information concerning your submission and what errors need to be corrected. You will then need to correct any errors and resubmit just that return for electronic filing again at no additional cost.

What is a "Collectible Exchange"?

If you had capital gains or losses that you need to report on your return, there is certain information about the sale that you must know that will affect how your transaction gets treated: the purchase and sale dates, the cost to you

Georgia Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit Credit

provides a credit equal to the lesser of the cost or $125 to retrofit an existing single-family home with one or more of these features. The disable person must be the taxpayer or the taxpayer's spouse if a joint return is filed. Qualified

Georgia Qualified Caregiving Expense Credit

Georgia provides a qualified caregiving expense credit equal to 10 percent of the cost of qualified caregiving expenses for a qualifying family member. The credit cannot exceed $150.00. Qualified services include: * Home Health Agency

Vermont Additions to Income

. The depreciation must be recalculated without the bonus depreciation using standard MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) method. Enter the difference between the depreciation calculated by standard MACRS methods

Acronyms Commonly Used for Tax Purposes

status) IRA - Individual Retirement Account IRS - Internal Revenue Service LES - Leave and Earning Statement (Military Pay Stub) MACRS - Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (for depreciating items) MAGI - Modified Adjusted Gross Income

10 Tips to Ease Tax Time for Military

, paying taxes, filing claims for refund, and taking other actions with the IRS is automatically extended for qualifying members of the military. 4. Uniform Cost and Upkeep If military regulations prohibit you from wearing certain uniforms

Missouri Subtractions from Income

of contributions by the amount of medical and dental expenses deducted on Federal Form 1040, Schedule A, Line 4, but paid for by the IMA and included in Missouri itemized deductions. 2. Additional Capital Gain Deduction Due to Difference in Basis