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Basic > Dependent/Qualifying Child Information > Married dependent

Even if your child does not file a joint return, if your child was married at the end of the year, he or she cannot be your qualifying child unless: You can claim an exemption for the child, or The reason you cannot claim an exemption for the child is that you let the child's other parent claim the exemption under the "Special rule for divorced or separated parents or parents who live apart."

Personal Info > Taxpayer Claimed as a Dependent

If someone (such as your parent) claims you as a dependent on their tax return, you must check this box.

Check if this qualifying person was NOT YOUR DEPENDENT

Check this box if you are claiming someone who is not your dependent, i.e., If you do not want to claim the exemption amount for this individual. For Example, a child of separated parents may be listed as a qualifying person on your return

Minnesota Long Term Care Insurance Credit (M1LTI)

You may be able to claim a credit against tax based on any premiums you paid in 2015 for a qualified long-term care insurance policy for which you did not receive a federal tax benefit. To qualify, your long-term care insurance policy must

NY Long Term Care Insurance Credit – IT-249

If you paid premiums for qualified long-term care insurance, you may claim a credit against your personal income tax equal to 20% of the premiums paid during the tax year for the purchase of or for continuing coverage under a qualifying

The Military,Tricare and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

TRICARE is a benefit established by law as the health care program for uniformed service members, retired service members, and their families. The Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, was created to expand access to affordable

Basic Information > Dependents > Not Claiming Dependent for EIC

Use this designation if a person lives with someone else, but you can claim them as your dependent. The other party is entitled to claim the dependent for Earned Income Credit (EIC) purposes. Example: A divorced couple has a custodial

Minnesota Long Term Care Insurance Premiums Credit

You may be able to claim a credit against tax based on premiums you paid in 2016 for a qualified long-term care insurance policy for which you did not receive a full federal tax benefit. To qualify for this credit, your long-term insurance

Basic Information >> Dependents >> Dependent/Qualifying Child Information

boxes should be marked when you are entering your dependent information into your account with TaxSlayer. Check if this person was a FULL-TIME STUDENT: The IRS defines a full-time student as a student who is enrolled for the number

What are the qualifications for claiming a person as a Dependent or a Qualifying Child on my return?

Individuals who rely on you for support and reside in your house generally qualify for dependent tax exemptions. However, there are situations when a child's exemption status is more complicated. The IRS has special rules