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Wisconsin Subtractions from Income

and Dependent Care Expenses - Code 28 Do you qualify for the federal credit for child and dependent care expenses for 2015? If yes, you may qualify to claim the Wisconsin subtraction for child and dependent care expenses. If married, you

What is and State Marketplace? is the government website used to enroll in the Affordable Care Act insurance program. State Marketplaces are health insurance exchanges offered through a state agency.

Suggestions for filing your tax return last minute

. This includes the taxpayer, spouse, dependent(s) and persons listed in relation to claims for the Child and Dependent Care Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit. Missing, incorrect, or illegible Social Security Numbers can delay or reduce

District of Columbia Subtractions from Income

Discrimination Awards Enter any awards, other than front pay and back pay, received because of unlawful employment discrimination. Long Term Care Insurance Premium Deduction Enter Long-term care insurance premiums paid in 2015. The deduction

Utah Apportionable Nonrefundable Credits

or 1-800-418-2551, or . Note: Any UESP credit in excess of the tax liability may not be carried back or carried forward . Medical Care Savings Account (MSA) Credit If you made a qualified investment in a Medical Care Savings

Federal Reject Code SEIC-F1040-501-01

With this reject code, the IRS is stating a dependent SSN (Social Security Number) and the name associated does not match their records. To double check your dependent entries, log into your TaxSlayer account and select "Basic

How do I enter information for dependents?

When you log into your TaxSlayer account, select the " Basic Information " tab from the navigation bar found on the left side of the screen. Next, select " Dependent(s)/Qualifying Person(s )". Select to " Add " a Dependent or " Edit

Schedule SP (Tax Forgiveness Credit)

are not a dependent on another person's federal tax return; and You meet the eligibility requirements* *A dependent child may be eligible if he or she is a dependent on the Pennsylvania Schedule SP of his or her parents, grandparents

Virginia Deductions from Income

for each child residing in their home under permanent foster care, as defined in the Code of Virginia, providing they claim the foster child as a dependent on their federal and Virginia income tax returns. Bone Marrow Screening Fee –Code 103

Hawaii Additions to Income

film and television productions to deduct certain production expenditures in the year the expenditure is incurred, -the deduction for U.S. production activities, and - the exclusion from income of benefits under a dependent care assistance