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How do I choose the 1040-EZ, 1040-A or 1040 form?

are the credit for child and dependent care expenses, the credit for the elderly or the disabled, education credits, the retirement savings contributions credit, the child tax credit, the additional child tax credit, the earned income credit

How do I figure my EIC or Earned Income Credit?

. And if you have no children, you must meet three additional tests before you can claim it: 1. You must be at least 25-years-old, but under age 65 at the end of the tax year for which you are making the claim. 2. You cannot be the dependent

Louisiana Military Filing Information

child care credit or a Louisiana earned income credit. If you were stationed out of the state of Louisiana for 120 or more consecutive days on active duty status, you may be entitled to an exemption of up to $30,000 of military income

Ohio Schedule of Credits

equal to the amount reimbursed. However, the credit is limited to a maximum of $300 for each child or dependent of the qualifying new employee receiving the day-care services. Only reimbursements of amounts that new employees pay to day-care

Alabama Itemized Deductions

Mortgage Insurance Payments - Premiums paid pursuant to a qualifying insurance contract for qualified long term care coverage paid by the taxpayer may be deducted in full. If you included premiums paid as part of your Federal Schedule

Top Five Facts about Dependents and Exemptions

1. Dependents may be required to file their own tax return : Even though you are a dependent on someone else’s tax return, you may still have to file your own tax return. Whether or not you must file a return depends on several factors

Federal Reject Code F1040-EZ-510

The IRS is stating that the person listed as the Primary taxpayer has already been claimed as a dependent on another tax return. In most cases this occurs when a child is claimed by their parents on the parents’ return, and then the child

Georgia Qualified Caregiving Expense Credit

Services * Personal Care Services * Personal Care Attendant Services * Homemaker services * Adult Day Care * Respite Care * Health Care Equipment and other supplies which have been determined by a physician to be medically necessary. Services

Oklahoma Adjustments- Schedule 511-C

for Providing Foster Care If you contract with a child-placing agency, as defined in 10 OS Sec. 402, you may deduct $5,000 for expenses incurred providing foster care. Married persons filing separately in a year in which they could have filed

How do I delete Forms?

Most forms are automatically removed if you delete the information entered in the program in reference to that form. Some forms, such as the Form 2441 for Child Care Credit, must be removed by the user. In these cases, a "Delete Form