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Iowa Earned Income Tax Credit

Iowa allows its taxpayers to claim the Earned Income Credit but it can only equal 15% of the Earned Income Credit claimed on your Federal return for 2015. Do not worry about reporting this information as the TaxSlayer program will make

Where is my Earned Income Credit (EIC)?

If you are eligible for Earned Income Credit or EIC, it is calculated automatically in the program as you enter your tax information. There are certain limitations for eligibility. The earned income tax credit can be a great benefit

Earned Income Credit Table (EIC Table)

Publication 596 is the IRS publication issued to help taxpayers understand Earned Income Credit (EIC). It includes eligibility requirements, worksheets, the EIC table, and several detailed examples. To access this publication, click here

Ten Things You May Not Know About the Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a financial boost for workers earning $53,505 or less a year. Four of five eligible workers claim and get their EITC. The IRS wants workers to get what you have earned, if you are eligible. Here are the top

Five Facts about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

the foreign earned income exclusion is chosen, a foreign tax credit or deduction for taxes cannot be claimed on the excluded income. If a foreign tax credit or tax deduction is taken on any of the excluded income, the foreign earned income

How do I figure my EIC or Earned Income Credit?

of the PDF) to see the amount for which you are eligible. The earned income tax credit can be a great benefit for workers with lower incomes. This tax break returns to qualified individuals a portion of the taxes they paid. It can even produce

Child Tax Credit

Additional Child Tax Credit is also automatically calculated by TaxSlayer. First, you may claim up to 15 percent of the amount by which your earned income exceeds $3,000 (15% of the result of: Your Earned Income - $3,000). For members

Utah Retirement Tax Credit

-out when modified adjusted gross income exceeds certain amounts based on filing status . Qualifying Income Qualifying income is pensions, annuities or taxable retirement social security benefits. To claim the credit you must have earned

Iowa Out-of-State Tax Credit

, then the Iowa resident may be able to claim a credit for taxes paid to another state. * Nonresidents of Iowa cannot claim this credit. * Part-year residents of Iowa may claim this credit only if the income they earned during that part

Schedule SP (Tax Forgiveness Credit)

Qualifications for Tax Forgiveness are: You are subject to Pennsylvania personal income tax. You and/or your spouse are liable for Pennsylvania tax on your income (or would be liable if you earned, received, or realized taxable income) You