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Kansas Credits

Access Credit: K-37 (for carry forward use only) Electric Cogeneration Facility Credit: K-83 (for carry forward use only) High Performance Incentive Program Credit: K-59 Historic Preservation Credit: K-35 Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship

Alternative Minimum Tax (Form 6251)

business credit in Part I on Form 3800 Empowerment zone and renewal community employment credit Qualified electric vehicle credit Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit Credit for prior year minimum tax The complete instructions

Indiana Additions to Income

education expenses Qualified environmental remediation costs Oil and gas well depletion deduction Qualified electric utility amortization RIC dividends to nonresident aliens Start-up expenditures Student loan interest deduction

What Improvements and Property Qualify for the Residential Energy Credit?

such as solar electric systems, solar hot water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, wind turbines, and fuel cell property. The credit amount for costs paid for qualified fuel cell property is limited to $500 for each one-half kilowatt

Form 1065, Schedule K-1 Box 20 Information

, the partnership will report any information you need to figure the recapture of: New Markets Credit (See IRS Form 8874 and Form 8874-B, Notice of Recapture Event for New Markets Credit ). Qualified Plug-in Electric and Electric Vehicle Credit (See IRS

Arizona Additions to Income

Due to Credits Claimed Solar Hot Water Heater Plumbing Stub Outs and Electric Vehicle Recharge Outlet Expenses Wage Expense for Employers of TANF Recipients Motion Picture Expenses Agricultural Water Conservation System Credit Adjusted

Kentucky Business Incentive and Other Tax Credits

to the investor. Attach a copy of the certification by KEDFA in the first year claimed. Any excess credit may be carried forward. No credit may extend beyond 15 years of the initial certification. Coal Incentive Tax Credit An electric power company

Utah Apportionable Nonrefundable Credits

political subdivision, which generates electricity furnished to and for the benefit of one or more residential units, and is sold to the taxpayer in exchange for a credit on the taxpayer's electric bill. Note: Any credit that is more than the tax

California Credits

credit carryover to future years. The credits include: Agricultural Products Commercial Solar Electric System Commercial Solar Energy Employee Ridesharing Employer Ridesharing: Large employer Ride Sharing: Small employer Transit passes

New Mexico Nonrefundable Credits

water conservation tax credit provisions are repealed effective January 1, 2013 . Advanced Energy Tax Credit A taxpayer that holds an interest in a qualified electric generating facility located in New Mexico may be eligible to apply