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California Use Tax

the Estimated Use Tax Table to estimate and report the use tax due on individual non-business items you purchased for less than $1,000 each. For additional information regarding Use Tax, please click here

Pennsylvania Use Tax

taxable purchases 5. Tax rate (0.07 Allegheny County, 0.08 Philadelphia or 0.06 state) 0.___ 6. Use tax: Multiply Line 3 by Line 4 7. Additional estimated use tax from Table 1 8. Sales tax previously paid on any amount included on Lines 1

Missouri Property Tax Credits

If you qualify for the Property Tax Credit, you will then need to enter the following income information: Railroad Retirement Benefits - Enter railroad retirement benefits before deductions for medical premiums or withholdings of any kind

Tax Tips for Newlyweds

at the website to help you complete a new W-4. Refer to IRS Publication 505 , Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax for more information. Change in Filing Status : If you are married as of Dec 31, you are considered married for tax purposes

Child Tax Credit

by " Show Details " next to Tax and Credits ( for Child Tax Credit ) and Payments ( for Additional Child Tax Credit ). Qualifying child A qualifying child for purposes of the child tax credit is a child who: Is your son, daughter, stepchild

Connecticut Property Tax Credit

subdivision on a primary residence or privately owned or leased motor vehicle, or both. Which Property Tax Bills Qualify You may take credit against your 2014 Connecticut income tax liability for property tax payments you made on your primary

Tax Benefits for Education

interest may be deducted even while your student is in school if you are paying the interest immediately rather than deferring the payments. You cannot claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit and the Tuition

New Jersey Income Subject to Tax

States military pension or survivor's benefits payments, the military pension or survivor's benefit is not taxable for New Jersey gross income tax purposes, regardless of your age or disability status. Military pensions are those resulting from

New Jersey Property Tax Credit

due. The credit increases the total payments and/or credits. These payments and/or credits are subtracted directly from your tax liability. Eligibility Requirements - To be eligible for a property tax deduction or property tax credit: You

Description of Additional Taxes that You May Have Paid

Federal Estimated Payments : Federal estimated payments are generally payments that you make to the IRS either because: You are self-employed; OR You owed the IRS on your tax return last year. You would have had to personally mail