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Federal Extension Form 4868 Reject Codes

Payment is for an extension payment the primary PIN(SEQ 0035) must be present and numeric. If Spouse’s SSN is present and Form Payment is present, the spouse’s PIN must be present. The Primary PIN number must be present for Form 2350(SEQ 0330

Do I need to file a Federal Extension (Form 4868) if I am receiving a refund?

The Form 4868 Application for extension is used to apply for an additional 6 months to file your tax return. An application for extension is necessary to avoid a penalty for late filing if you expect to have an amount due for your Federal

New York Special Conditions

using the federal safe harbor rules for Ponzi-type fraudulent investment arrangements on Federal Form 4684. Death of a Spouse Please select if you are using the automatic 90 day extension to file your return due to the death of a spouse

Tax Benefits for Military Members Serving in a Combat Zone

, military members serving in a Combat Zone receive special "Extension of Deadlines" for filing their tax return(s) as well as paying taxes that may be owed. For specifics pertaining to what is allowed by the IRS, please refer to Extension

Suggestions for filing your tax return last minute

on the return Double-check your figures Sign your form (if mailing) Attach all required schedules (if mailing) and make sure that you are sending the return to the right address Send your return or request an extension by the April filing deadline

Massachusetts Military Filing Information

to the extent required by the state of domicile. For additional information regarding military spouses, please click here . Extension of Time for Filing: DOR follows the federal rules for granting an extension of time to file income tax returns

North Carolina Payments

to have all or a portion of the over-payment applied to your 2016 estimated tax. Once this election has been made and filed, it cannot be changed. Paid with Extension : If you filed an automatic extension of time, enter the amount of North

Maine Military Filing Information

: active duty pay earned in any month served in the combat zone; imminent danger/hostile fire pay; reenlistment bonus if the voluntary extension or reenlistment occurs in a month served in a combat zone; pay for accrued leave earned

Montana Payments & Contributions

The amounts you enter into the Payments section of your return will appear on your state return within your TaxSlayer Montana state return. Extension Payments If you paid an extension payment on or before April 18, 2016 in order

Indiana Military Filing Information

of that county and will be subject to county tax. DUE DATES AND EXTENSION OF TIME FOR FILING Filing due dates and extensions of time to file for military personnel serving in a combat zone Military personnel serving in a presidentially-declared