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Filing Status

Choose your filing status or use the Filing Status Guide to help you

Filing Status

Choose your Filing Status or use the Filing Status Guide to help you. You may adjust your Filing Status to reflect changes in your personal life.

Basic Information > Filing Status

What do these filing status options mean? Single - Your filing status is single if, on the last day of the year, you are unmarried or legally separated from your spouse under a divorce or separate maintenance decree, and you do not qualify

Mississippi Married Filing Status

Filing Status for Married Persons Married persons may file tax returns in any of these three methods: 1) joint, 2) combined, or 3) separate. Choose the method which results in the least amount of tax. A joint return is usually completed

Minnesota Filing Requirements and Residency Status

if your employer withheld excess Minnesota income tax from your wages in 2016. Did You Move Into or Out of Minnesota During the Year? If you moved into or out of Minnesota in 2016, you must file Form M1NR if you meet the filing requirements

What filing status should I choose?

Your federal tax filing status is based on your marital and family situation. It is an important factor in determining whether you must file a return, what your standard deduction is, and your correct amount of tax. Your marital status

Amending Filing Status from MFJ to MFS (or MFS to MFJ)

> Filing Status. Change the filing status to Married Filing Separate. All of the information that was allocated to the spouse, such as W-2s, 1099s, etc., will be removed from the return. NOTE : Once you have filed your tax return

Where is my refund? How can I check the status of my Federal or State refund?

number as listed on the return * Date your return was accepted * Filing status listed on your accepted return (single, married filing joint, married filing separate, head of household, etc.) * Amount of the expected refund as it was reported

Married Filing Separately

If you are married you can select the married filing separately (MFS) filing status. This election may benefit you if you want to be responsible only for your own tax or if it results in less tax than filing a joint return. If you and your

Iowa Military Filing Information

when they married, the spouse is an Iowa resident until other action is taken to establish residency in another state. If the spouse is an Iowa resident and has Iowa-source income, it may be beneficial to use filing status 3 (married filing