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Oklahoma Military Filing Information

living. An Oklahoma resident filing a joint Federal return with a nonresident spouse may have options on how to file the Oklahoma return(s). Filing Status: The filing status for Oklahoma purposes is the same as on the Federal income tax

Indiana Military Filing Information

released from the hospital. The spouse of a military person serving in a combat zone must file the Indiana return using the same filing status as was used when they filed their federal return: If they file married filing joint for federal tax

Georgia Military Filing Information

to create a Schedule 3 you will just select Part-Year or Nonresident as your filing status when creating the Georgia state return (specify any Georgia Source income within the Income Subject to Tax section). Combat Zone: Effective tax year

Mississippi Military Filing Information

Mississippi Resident - If you enter the armed forces when you are a Mississippi resident, you do not lose your Mississippi residency status, even if you are absent from this state on military orders. You are subject to the same residency

Colorado Military Filing Information

the Colorado 104 booklet for detailed instructions. RESIDENT/NONRESIDENT SPOUSES The Colorado income tax filing status (joint or separate) must conform with the status used for federal income tax filing purposes. For example, if a taxpayer

Virginia Military Filing Information

are filing with this status the state requires you to paper file the return along with Form 763-S request for refund. Adjustments to Income for Military Members include: Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients Enter the amount of military

Montana Military Filing Information

. Check filing status as "nonresident". Include with the return a copy of the service member's most current Leave and Earnings statement and the spouse's military ID card. If the service member and nonmilitary spouse are both nonresidents

Wisconsin Military Filing Information

Wisconsin Residents Q. Who must file a Wisconsin return? A . A Wisconsin income tax return must be filed by a legal resident of Wisconsin if your filing status is: Single: Gross Income of $10,970 or more Married Filing Joint: Gross Income

Idaho Military Filing Information

for servicemembers on active duty in combat zones. Below is a summary of how these laws affect Idaho National Guard members. * All tax filing deadlines are extended for at least 180 days after your last day in a combat zone. * No interest

Louisiana Military Filing Information

Resident If you are military personnel whose home of record is Louisiana, and you meet the filing requirements listed below, you must file a return and report all of your income, regardless of where you were stationed. If you are single