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Pennsylvania Military Filing Information

report military pay earned while in Pennsylvania or earned when not on active duty status as taxable compensation on Line 1a. Active duty military pay is not taxable for Pennsylvania purposes if earned by a PA resident serving on full-time

Maine Military Filing Information

status click here. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS EFFECTIVE AS OF JANUARY 2005 Combat Zone Tax Relief Maine Revenue Services conforms with many of the special federal tax benefits applicable to active members of the U. S. Armed Forces serving

Maryland Military Filing Information

adjust your standard or itemized deductions and exemptions. NON-RESIDENT If you are a nonresident military member filing a joint return with your civilian spouse, see Administrative Release 1. MILITARY SERVICEMEMBER'S CIVILIAN SPOUSE 1. Under

Hawaii Military Filing Information

Residency Status - If you are in Hawaii because of military orders and do not intend to make Hawaii your permanent home, you are not considered a Hawaii resident for income tax purposes, even though you have been in Hawaii for more than

Michigan Military Filing Information

of another state, you maintain your residency status in your home state, even if you are stationed in Michigan. A person may change his or her residency while in the military. Unless you make the change, you remain a resident of the state

Alabama Military Filing Information

not lose their residency status in any state because they leave the state only because of military orders. You do not change your state of residency if the only reason you are no longer residing there is because of military orders. Note

New Mexico Military Filing Information

New Mexico’s law says every person who has income from New Mexico sources and who is required to file a federal income tax return must file a personal income tax return in New Mexico. Filing Requirements: Residents If you are a New Mexico

New Jersey Military Filing Information

not use Form NJ-165 to claim an exemption from New Jersey gross income tax withholding on wages earned in this State as the nonmilitary spouse/civil union partner of a servicemember. New Jersey law requires that a married couple’s filing status

New York Military Filing Information

The following definitions will help you determine your resident status for income tax purposes. To determine your resident status, you have to consider where your domicile was and where you maintained a permanent place of abode during

Same-Sex Couples Federal Filing Information

federal tax purposes, including income and gift and estate taxes. The ruling applies to all federal tax provisions where marriage is a factor, including filing status, claiming personal and dependency exemptions, taking the standard