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Form 1099-A : Acquisition or Abandonment of Property

are required to provide you with Form 1099-A. You could have reportable income or loss because of this acquisition or abandonment. Gain or loss from this is generally measured by the difference between your adjusted basis in the property

Form 2210- Underpayment of Estimated Taxes

are late paying any estimated tax payments. (See the quarterly due dates above.) File Form 2210 for Federal penalties. The taxpayer should not owe underpayment penalties if he is a U.S. citizen or resident and did not owe taxes

Itemized Deductions - An Overview

(Form 8283) Gifts to charity include both cash and non-cash gifts. If you donated money or property to a qualifying charitable organization, or if you used your personal vehicle for "charitable mileage", you generally can deduct

Form 4868 - Application for Federal Extension

Extensions can be filed electronically through TaxSlayer. There is NO CHARGE for this service. When you choose to file an extension, whichever TaxSlayer account is used to file the extension is the account that must also be used to file your return once it is ready for submission. You will not be able to switch accounts, reset your account, or file through a separate account once you have filed anything (extension or return) through an account for a particular Social Security Number. To begin filing your extension as a returning user , go to , login to your account and select Begin Return/Continue from the Welcome Back/My Account screen. Next, select Federal Section from the navigation bar followed by Miscellaneous Forms (sub-navigation bar) >> Application for Extension from the navigation bar. Instructions will then be available to help you fill out and file your extension. At this time we do not offer state extension forms. If you need to file an extension with a state, please contact the state agency directly for more information on how to do so. If you need assistance in finding the appropriate contact for your state agency information please Click here .

Allocating exemptions on Injured Spouse form

At least one exemption must be allocated to the uninjured spouse. All other exemptions can be allocated to the Injured Spouse.

How do I find the FORM I need?

Our Search Bar located at the top left hand side of the screen within each TaxSlayer account is an especially helpful tool to allow you to quickly search our entire program for the forms we support. You can find a form by entering its

Schedule K-1 (Form 1041) - Beneficiary's Share of Income

If you received a Schedule K-1 (Form 1041) as a beneficiary, you can enter this in your TaxSlayer account by selecting Income Menu > Other Income > K-1 Earnings > Schedule K-1 (1041) . The Schedule K-1 that you receive should only

Oklahoma Business Activity Tax (Form 511-BAT)

Every sole proprietor or farmer, except single-member limited liability companies (LLCs), doing business in Oklahoma is required to file Form 511-BAT. All limited liability companies, including those that are disregarded entities

Federal Extension Form 4868 Reject Codes

range of SSN and ITIN. The Primary Social Security Number (P-SSN) (Field 0003 of the Record Id) must be numeric. The Primary SSN (P-SSN) (Field 0003 of the Record ID) must match the Primary SSN of the Form. The Form 4868 Primary SSN (SEQ 0090

Schedule K-1 (Form 1120S) - Shareholder's Share of Income

If you received a Schedule K-1 (Form 1120S) as a shareholder, you can enter this in your TaxSlayer account by selecting Income Menu > Other Income > K-1 Earnings > Schedule K-1 (1120S) . The Schedule K-1 you receive should only reflect