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Charitable Contributions

Did you make a cash contribution to your favorite charity? Have you recently spent a weekend cleaning stuff out of your garage or basement that you then donated to a local charity? Charitable contributions can be tax deductible, but you

Taxable IRA distributions

Taxable IRA distributions are reported on federal Form 1040A, Line 11b or Form 1040, Line 15b You would generally include all taxable IRA distributions that you received while a resident of Missouri.

Minnesota Contributions

Minnesota state return under the "Contributions" tab. The contribution provided will either decrease your Minnesota refund or increase the amount you owe to Minnesota. To make a contribution directly to the Nongame Wildlife Fund, either

Utah Contributions

Voluntary contributions may be made to the following approved funds. Contributions will add to your tax due or reduce your refund. Any contribution made on an original return is irrevocable and cannot be changed on an amended return. Utah

What is a Nondeductible IRA?

If you are not covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan at work, your contribution to a traditional IRA is always tax-deductible, regardless of your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). However, if either you or your spouse

Itemized Deductions - Qualified Contributions

Qualified Contributions: In general, you can elect to treat gifts by cash or check as qualified contributions if the gifts were paid after August 27, 2005, to a qualified charitable organization (other than certain private foundations

District of Columbia Contributions

The District of Columbia has three available contributions a taxpayer can include in their DC income tax return. These contributions will be deducted from the refund due or added to the tax due. You can contribute as much as you would like

IRA/Pension and Social Security Benefits

Some or all of your retirement income and/or distributions may be taxable to the Federal government. If you received a distribution from a retirement account (such as a pension, annuity, IRA, social security benefits, or railroad benefits

Montana Payments & Contributions

or disregarded entity. Montana Contributions Montana law provides you with the opportunity to contribute, via your income tax return, to the following programs. You can contribute any amount to any of these four programs. Your contribution

Limitations on your deduction for Charitable Contributions

If your charitable contributions meet one of the following conditions, the amount of your deduction may be limited: Your cash contributions of ordinary income property are more than 30% of your AGI. Your gifts of capital gain property