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Limitations on your deduction for Charitable Contributions

If your charitable contributions meet one of the following conditions, the amount of your deduction may be limited: 1. Your cash contributions of ordinary income property are more than 30% of your AGI. 2. Your gifts of capital gain

Iowa Voluntary Contributions

Enter any voluntary contribution amounts to the organizations listed below within your Iowa state return. The amount you report will add to your total balance due or reduce the amount of your refund. Fish and Wildlife Fund You may contribute any amount of $1 or more to the Iowa Fish and Wildlife Protection Fund. Your contribution through this check off is the primary support for Iowa's Wildlife Diversity Program which monitors, researches and manages the state's nongame species of wildlife. According to the Natural Resource Commission policy, 100% of the money donated to this program goes to the Wildlife Diversity Program. Learn more at Iowa DNR Wildlife Iowa State Fair Foundation You may contribute any amount of $1 or more this fund. The proceeds from this check off will be added to other sources such as gifts, donations and bequests to be used by the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundations to fund capital projects and improvements to property on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Learn more at Blue Ribbon Foundation Firefighters/Veterans Fund Firefighters - You may contribute any amount of $1 or more to this fund. This check off will be used to train Iowa's firefighters. The money collected will be used to offset the financial burdens that many fire departments deal with when it comes to ensuring their firefighters are adequately trained in all facets of emergency response. Learn more at Iowa Fireman's Association Veterans - You may contribute any amount of $1 or more to the Veterans Trust Fund. This fund assists veterans with job training, expenses related to facility or at-home care, individual or family counseling, and other services. Learn more at Veterans Trust Fund Note : The amounts contributed to the joint Firefighters Preparedness Fund/Veterans Trust Fund check off will be split evenly between these two funds . Child Abuse Prevention You may contribute any amount of $1 or more to this fund. Proceeds will go to support the Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program, which funds crisis and respite child care, parent education, child sexual abuse prevention programs, and young parent support. Learn more at Check Off Child Abuse Note : Married Separate Filers: Married couples filing separately on a combined return (filing status 3) must enter their combined check off amounts in the appropriate box(es) if both choose to contribute to a specific fund.

How to enter your cash contributions

Cash contributions can be entered separately based on the Charity group and date donated or they can be grouped together as one entry. To enter your contributions separately, complete the information requested and select "Continue to next

Credit for Contributions Made to Indiana Colleges & Universities

Information Bulletin #14 . IMPORTANT : You must maintain documentation of your contributions. The Department can require you to provide this information at a later date. Note : Tuition paid to a college or university is not a contributions

I was covered by a retirement plan at work. Will this affect the amount of my IRA deduction?

If you were covered by a retirement plan ( qualified pension, profit-sharing, 401(k), annuity, SEP, SIMPLE, etc .) at work or through self-employment, your IRA deduction may be reduced or eliminated. This depends on the level of your

Recapture of Contributions to Oklahoma College Savings Plan

of contributions for which a deduction was taken in tax year 2005 or later, such non-qualified withdrawal and any earnings thereon are included in income. If any of the earnings have already been included in your Federal adjusted gross

What is a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plan)?

Generally, you can deduct the contributions you make each year to each employee's SEP-IRA. If you are self-employed, you can deduct the contributions you make each year to your own SEP-IRA. A SEP is a written plan that allows you to make

Please explain all of the credits and deductions that are available related to retirement and investment.

IRA Deductions Generally, any contributions that you (or your spouse, if applicable) made to a Traditional IRA qualify as a deduction on your return. Roth IRA contributions are not deductible. Sometimes this deduction may be limited

On my 1099-R, what do the codes in box 7 mean?

Recharacterized IRA contribution made for 2015 and recharacterized in 2015 P Excess contributions plus earnings/excess deferrals ( and/or earnings ) taxable in 2014 Q Qualified distribution from a Roth IRA ( participant meets the 5-year holding period

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