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1099-R: Early Withdrawal Penalty

be subject to the 10% additional tax. Distributions that are not taxable, such as distributions that you roll over to another qualified retirement plan or a distribution of your designated Roth IRA contributions are not subject to this 10

Massachusetts Additions to Income

) in Massachusetts banks. Note : This exemption does not apply to your U.S. tax return. T axable IRA/Keogh and Roth IRA Conversion Distributions Enter the taxable portion of any amount you received from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Keogh

Types of Adjustments You May Be Eligible For

for divorces and separations before 1985 and recapture rules, is available in IRS Publication 504 on the IRS website. IRA Deduction If you made contributions to a traditional IRA for 2015, you may be able to take an IRA deduction. But you

Iowa Subtractions From Income

. * If both spouses earned income and made contributions to an IRA account , each spouse must claim his or her own contribution, not to exceed $5,500 per spouse ($6,500 if 50 or older). * If both spouses made contributions to an IRA but only

Pennsylvania Additions to Taxable Income

Pennsylvania income not already included in gross income carried or designated as Pennsylvania income. W-2 wages and 1099-R IRA/Pension distributions, entered with Pennsylvania information included in the state sections are automatically

Acronyms Commonly Used for Tax Purposes

- Earned Income Credit EIN - Employer’s Identification Number ERO - Electronic Return Originator FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act FIT - Federal Income Tax Withholding ITIN - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (used for alien

Unreimbursed Employee Expenses - What CANNOT be deducted?

Deduct: * Commuting Expenses. * Broker's commissions that you paid in connection with your IRA or other investment property. * Political contributions. * Legal expenses for personal matters that do not produce taxable income. * Lost

Mississippi Subtractions from Income

deductions are $20,000 for joint filers and $10,000 for single and other filers. Contributions must be made on or before the deadline for making contributions to an IRA under federal law for such years (by the due date of the return

Other Nontaxable Income to compute Household Income

, including disability payments. However, do not include distributions received from a Roth IRA or any pension or annuity that you funded exclusively, for which your contributions could not be taken as a federal tax deduction. • Income

Form 1065 Box 13 Information

the TaxSlayer program. Please find the specific item within Box 13 that is reported on your Form 1065 . Code C. Noncash contributions (50%) If property other than cash is contributed, and if the claimed deductions for one item or group