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Montana Itemized Deductions

Your Itemized Deductions will be listed on the Montana state return, Schedule III, which will be found as part of your state return. Political Contributions When you compute your net income, you can take a deduction for political

Federal Section > Deductions > Itemized vs Standard Deduction Comparison

This section shows you the total of your Itemized Deductions entered and compares it to your Standard Deduction. Unless you choose to force Itemized Deductions, we will automatically select the greater deduction .

Can I Claim Tax Preparation Fees with my Itemized Deductions?

> Itemized Deductions > Miscellaneous Deductions section of our program.

Job Search Expenses and Deductions

miscellaneous deductions that exceed two percent of your adjusted gross income. Note : Based on your miscellaneous itemized deductions entries within your TaxSlayer account, the applicable deduction will be calculated for you according to the 2

Overview of Deductions for Taxes You Paid

, deductible taxes during the tax year, you can enter these within your TaxSlayer account under: Federal Section>>Deductions>>Itemized Deductions>>Taxes You Paid. For more information see IRS Tax Topic 503

An Overview of Deductions for Gifts to Charity

during the tax year, you can enter these under: Federal Section > Deductions > Enter Myself > Itemized Deductions > Gifts to Charity. Organizations that Qualify You can deduct contributions or gifts you gave to organizations that are religious

Indiana Other Deductions

. Recovery of Deductions If you did not complete the “other income” line on the Federal 1040 then do not complete this line. Generally, Indiana does not allow you to claim itemized deductions from federal Schedule A. However, if you reported

Miscellaneous Deductions - What is the 2% rule?

for the most common deductions. Enter the full amount in each field. TaxSlayer will complete the Schedule A and apply the 2% rule in figuring your total for your itemized deductions. What is the 2% rule? For deductions that are subject to the 2

Examples of deductions and credits that are available in TaxSlayer

this in our program go to Deductions > Enter Myself > Itemized Deductions > Less Common Deductions > Casualties and Losses. Elderly or Disabled Credit: You may be eligible for this tax credit if, on December 31 of last year, you or your spouse were

My Deductions

My Deductions allows you to track your charitable contributions, medical expenses and certain business expenses as they occur throughout the year. Import the entered transactions from My Deductions to your tax return when you are ready