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Overview of Deductions for Taxes You Paid

There are four types of non-business taxes the IRS will allow you to deduct if you are itemizing your deductions. These include: * State, local, and foreign income taxes, * Real estate taxes, * Personal property taxes, and * State

My Deductions

My Deductions allows you to track your charitable contributions, medical expenses and certain business expenses as they occur throughout the year. Import the entered transactions from My Deductions to your tax return when you are ready

Federal Section > Deductions > Itemized Deductions

In lieu of the Standard Deduction, the IRS allows deductions for certain expenditures. These Itemized deductions include expenditures such as mortgage interest, property taxes, etc. which are deductible on Schedule A, allowing a taxpayer

Missouri Itemized Deductions and Other Deductions

Itemized Deductions Railroad Retirement Tax Include the amount of railroad retirement tax withheld from your wages, Tier I and Tier II, during 2015. This amount cannot exceed $11,669 (Tier I maximum of $7,347 and Tier II maximum of $4,322

Arizona Itemized Deductions

Within your TaxSlayer account, itemized deductions will be automatically pulled from the entries made in the federal program under "Itemized Deductions". Certain adjustments are required by Arizona law which will SUBTRACT from

Delaware Additional Itemized Deductions

Federal Itemize d Deduction - If you are filing a joint federal return and separate Delaware returns, the deductions must be determined as if each spouse had filed separate federal returns. If you are unable to specifically allocate

Mississippi Itemized Deductions

Standard or Itemized Deductions You may choose to either itemize individual non-business deductions or claim the standard deduction for your filing status, whichever produces the greater tax benefit. Note : The TaxSlayer program

New York Itemized Deductions

The starting point in computing your New York Itemized Deduction amount is your federal itemized deductions from Federal Schedule A. However, differences between federal and New York State tax laws make it necessary to make certain

Itemized Deductions - An Overview

Examples of Itemized Deductions: Medical and Dental Expenses The medical and dental deductions include medical and dental insurance, amounts paid to doctors/dentists, prescriptions, X-Rays, lab work, nursing help (not for healthy baby

California Itemized Deductions

claimed as a negative number on Other adjustments to CA Itemized Deductions. Mortgage Interest Credit – If you reduced your federal mortgage interest deduction by the amount of your mortgage interest credit (from federal Form 8396, Mortgage