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Truck Driver Tax Deductions

Truck drivers can claim a variety of tax deductions while on the road. Mileage, daily meal allowances, truck repair (maintenance), overnight hotel expenses, and union dues are some of the tax deductions available. However, local truck

What are the qualifications for "miscellaneous deductions"?

for investments. * Excess deductions (including administrative expenses) allowed a beneficiary on termination of an estate or trust. * Fees to collect interest and dividends. * Hobby expense, but generally not more than hobby income

Job Search Expenses and Deductions

miscellaneous deductions that exceed two percent of your adjusted gross income. Note : Based on your miscellaneous itemized deductions entries within your TaxSlayer account, the applicable deduction will be calculated for you according to the 2

Alabama Itemized Deductions

Itemized Deductions are automatically carried over from your Federal return to your Alabama return with the following exceptions: * Federal Self-Employment Taxes - You can deduct the Federal self-employment tax you paid during the year

Itemized Deductions - Qualified Contributions

described in section 509(a)(3)). Qualified contributions are not subject to the overall limitations on itemized deductions or the 50% adjusted gross income limitation. Qualified contributions do not include contributions to organizations

An Overview of Deductions for Gifts to Charity

during the tax year, you can enter these under: Federal Section >> Deductions >> Enter Myself >> Itemized Deductions >> Gifts to Charity. Organizations that Qualify You can deduct contributions or gifts you gave to organizations

Virginia Deductions from Income

The following entries show as deductions on your return. Please note the Code number on the item, as this will appear on your VA 760-CG under Deductions Child and Dependent Care Expenses - Code 101 - If you are eligible to claim

Indiana Other Deductions

: You are not eligible to claim this deduction if you also claimed a medical savings account deduction on federal Form 1040. Recovery of Deductions If you did not complete the “other income” line on the Federal 1040 then do not complete

Montana Itemized Deductions

Your Itemized Deductions will be listed on the Montana state return, Schedule III, which will be found as part of your state return. Political Contributions When you compute your net income, you can take a deduction for political

Miscellaneous Deductions - What is the 2% rule?

If you itemize your deductions, part of the expenses that you claim as deductions may be limited by the 2% rule. Deductions that are included are unreimbursed employee expenses, expenses claimed on Form 2106, tax preparation fees, safety