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Check here if the Taxpayer is blind

If the taxpayer and/or spouse is blind on the last day of the tax year and they are not itemizing deductions, an increased standard deduction applies. To qualify, the taxpayer and/or spouse must be partially or totally blind. If partially

Overview of Deductions for Taxes You Paid

There are four types of non-business taxes the IRS will allow you to deduct if you are itemizing your deductions. These include: * State, local, and foreign income taxes, * Real estate taxes, * Personal property taxes, and * State

Special Charitable Contributions for Certain IRA Owners

with regular distributions. If nondeductible contributions are transferred to an eligible organization, a charitable contribution deduction may be allowed if itemizing deductions. 9. More information about qualified charitable distributions can

What can I include as Prior Year or 4th Quarter Estimates?

If you are itemizing your deductions, the IRS will generally allow you to take a deduction for state and local taxes that you paid during the tax year. This deduction can even include amounts that you may have paid toward a prior year's

Tips to Start Planning Next Year's Tax Return

having to scramble for misplaced tax documents necessary to complete your return come tax time. 4. Consider Itemizing Your Deductions : If you normally claim the Standard Deduction, you may be able to reduce your tax liability if you

Colorado Subtractions from Income

Taxpayers who claim the federal standard deduction instead of itemizing their deductions on the federal return may be able to subtract a portion of their charitable contributions made during the year. Enter only the amount in excess of $500

Tax Tips for Newlyweds

is most advantageous for you collectively. Change in Standard or Itemized Deductions If you did not qualify to itemize deductions before you were married, that may have changed. You and your spouse may save money by itemizing rather than

Arizona Subtractions from Income

are included in your Arizona gross income, you must reduce the subtraction by such expenses. If you are itemizing deductions on your Arizona return, you must exclude such expenses from the amount deducted. Note : Do not subtract interest