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How do I claim the Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses if my spouse was a student or disabled?

, or mechanical school. However, on-the-job training courses, correspondence schools, or schools offering courses only through the Internet does not count as "schools" for the purposes of determining "full-time student" status. Check if this person

Alabama Adoption Expenses

Beginning January 1, 1991, the reasonable medical and legal expenses paid or incurred by the taxpayer in connection with the adoption of a minor may be deducted as an adjustment to income. The term “ medical expenses ” include any medical

What are "Qualified Medical Expenses"?

Generally, qualified medical expenses for HSA purposes are unreimbursed medical expenses that could otherwise be deducted on Schedule A (Form 1040). However, you cannot treat insurance premiums as qualified medical expenses unless

Entertainment Expenses that are Tax Deductible

The IRS allows you to include certain business entertainment expenses on your tax returns each year. Expenses are treated differently depending on the type of entertainment. There are also firm guidelines you must follow for the expense

Examples of other deductible expenses

Examples of other Deductible Expenses: * Archer MSA deduction (see Form 8853 ). * Jury duty pay if you gave the pay to your employer because your employer paid your salary while you served on the jury. * Deductible expenses related

What are "qualifying education expenses"?

For purposes of the student loan interest deduction , these expenses are the total costs of attending an eligible educational institution, including graduate school. They include amounts paid for the following items. * Tuition and fees

General Information about Educator Expenses

If you are an eligible educator, you may be able to deduct up to $250 of expenses you paid for purchases of books and classroom supplies. These out-of-pocket expenses may lower your tax bill even if you don’t itemize your deductions

Who qualifies to deduct educator expenses?

. If you are an eligible educator, you can deduct up to $250 ($500 if married filing joint and both spouses are educators, but not more than $250 each) of any unreimbursed expenses [otherwise deductible as a trade or business expense] you

If you moved into Virginia, enter Moving Expenses

Moving expenses entered on your Federal return are deductible on your Virginia return. Enter in the total moving expenses claimed as an adjustment to income on Federal Form 1040. If you moved to Virginia , claim the moving expenses

What can be deducted as "Personal Property Rental Expenses"?

You can only take a deduction for Personal Property Rental Expenses if you reported Other Income that was from the rental of personal property ( if you engaged in the rental for profit but were not in the business of renting such property