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Suggestions for filing your tax return last minute

on the return are accurate. Incorrect numbers can cause a refund to be delayed or deposited into the wrong account. Sign and Date the Return : Taxpayers must sign and date their returns when mailing them in. Both spouses must sign a joint

How do I file a return for my deceased spouse?

Married Filing Jointly If your spouse died during the year, you are considered married for the whole year for filing status purposes. If you did not remarry before the end of the tax year, you can file a joint return for yourself and your

Enter Disability Income reported as wages on your Federal return for permanent and total disability

Enter the amount of disability income reported as wages (or payments in lieu of wages) and included on your federal return for permanent and total disability up to a maximum of $20,000. If you are filing a joint return, each spouse can

What are the qualifications for claiming a person as a Dependent or a Qualifying Child on my return?

into this exact description, so the IRS has designed five tests to determine whether a child or dependent can be considered an exemption. These five requirements are: • citizenship • support • gross income • joint return • relationship We suggest you

Whose medical expenses can I deduct on my return?

because of the rules for children of divorced or separated parents. Any person you could have claimed as a dependent on your return, except that person received $3,950 or more of gross income or filed a joint return. Any person you could have

How do I obtain a copy of a prior year return?

with the account please include two forms of identification. If the account is a married filing joint account identification must be included for both the taxpayer and the spouse. You can also request a copy of your prior year return directly from

Amended Return

To file the amended return, print, sign and mail the corrected tax return and mail it to one of the following addresses: If you owe additional tax: PA DEPT OF REVENUE PAYMENT ENCLOSED 1 REVENUE PLACE HARRISBURG, PA 17129-0001 If you

Will my state return be sent with my federal return?

When you are creating your federal return you also have an option to create a state return. When you choose your state from the list of state returns available, you will also be able to choose what residency status applies to your tax

Trouble Viewing or Printing Return

. In some cases you may need to disable any virus protection software and then attempt to print. If you continue to have trouble printing your return, you may want to try printing from another computer. If you have pop-up blocker/anti-virus

How do I file a state return without a federal return?

Much of the information that gets reported on a state return gets listed on your federal return as well. Because of this, you must enter your federal return information as though you are preparing a federal return. When you are done