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Who Must File an Illinois Return?

You must file an Illinois return if you were: 1. an Illinois resident , you must file Form IL-1040 if * you were required to file a federal income tax return, or * you were not required to file a federal income tax return, but your

I only need to file my FEDERAL return. How do I file just my Federal return without filing my State return?

If you want to file just a federal return, and not file a state return(s), you need to make sure that your state return(s) are not "checked" for electronic filing at the time of filing your return. From the My Account screen of your

Did you file a tax return last year?

Who should answer YES ? You should answer YES if, by October 15 last year, you: Prepared your return yourself and mailed it in; or Filed your return online (regardless of what service was used); or Paid a professional to prepare your

How long will it take the IRS to process my return?

Generally, once your return is e-filed you will receive an acknowledgement email within 48 hours. This email will let you know if your return was accepted or rejected. If your return is rejected, you can simply log in to your account, make

Did I also Submit My State Return?

You can verify that your State Return has been submitted by going to and logging into your TaxSlayer account. On the Your Account page, you will see a tab that says "Return Status". Here you will see a listing of your

My federal return was rejected. Was my state return sent to my state to be processed?

No . When you file your federal return and your state return together, the states require that the IRS accept the federal return before they will look at the state return. This is because any changes that are required for your federal

How can I prepare a prior year return?

In order to prepare your prior year return, please go to the TaxSlayer homepage and log in to your account by clicking on the "Sign In" button located on the right side of the page. From the Your Account screen, click on the Prior

How do I check the status of my return?

To check the status of your return, go to TaxSlayer and select Sign Back In. The status of your current year tax return(s) will be shown on the Your Account page which appears after you login. How do I find out when I will be getting

How do I print a prior year return?

To print a prior year return, log in to your account and from the "Your Account" screen click the tab for prior year returns. A list of all prior year created returns within the last three years of the current year will be shown. Select

How do I resubmit my return electronically?

To resubmit your return electronically, please click on the "EFile" tab located on the navigation bar on the left side of your screen of the TaxSlayer program. The first step of the EFile process is to choose which returns you would