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Interest and Dividends

Interest and dividends income can come from several sources such as: banks, Government Bonds, Certificates of Deposits, Capital gains, and Mutual Funds. These would be reported to you on forms such as the 1099-INT , 1099-DIV , and 1099-OID .

Investment Interest Expense

If you borrow money to buy property you hold for investment (such as bonds or certain securities), the interest you pay is considered investment interest. Your investment interest expense my be subject to certain limitations. Generally

Interest and Dividend Income

Interest and Dividend income is reported on the following Federal Forms: Form 1040EZ, Line 2 Form 1040A, Lines 8a and 9a Form 1040, Lines 8a and 9a Nonresidents: You would generally include interest and dividend income from Missouri source

Interest You Paid - What to do when Interest is NOT Reported on Form 1098

If you did not receive a Form 1098 from the recipient ( bank, mortgage lender, individual, etc .) of the mortgage interest that you paid, contact that recipient to determine if you will be receiving a 1098 for this interest. In most cases

1099-DIV or 1099-INT: Dividend and Interest Income

If you received a Form 1099-DIV for dividend income or a Form 1099-INT for interest income, you can enter this in your TaxSlayer account by selecting Federal Section > Income Menu > Enter Myself > Interest or Dividend Income

What is a 1098: Home Mortgage Interest

The Form-1098 reports the home mortgage interest that was paid on your home throughout the current tax year. For an example of this form please click on the link below. Form 1098 sample Form 1098 instructions

June 21 test

. Can we both claim the interest from the loans on our tax returns? Last year, I was not their dependent. Answer : Since you were not your parents' dependent when they took out the student loan, the interest they paid on the loan does

Taxpayer's Nontaxable Interest, Dividends, and Gains

income received as a beneficiary of an estate or trust For decedent's only - in addition to any annualized income for nontaxable interest, dividends, and gains include the difference between the total annualized taxable income

Where do I enter mortgage interest?

If the Mortgage Interest is for your main home , you would enter the Mortgage Interest as an Itemized Deduction. The entry would be made by selecting Federal Section >> Deductions >>Enter Myself >> Itemized Deductions >>Mortgage Interest

Enter Interest and Dividend income attributable to Virginia

This is the income from interest and dividends reported on your Federal return that were received while you were a resident of Virginia. It does not matter the source of the interest and dividend income. Source income is the state