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What are the qualifications for "miscellaneous deductions"?

. Excess deductions (including administrative expenses) allowed a beneficiary on termination of an estate or trust. Fees to collect interest and dividends. Hobby expense, but generally not more than hobby income. Indirect miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Deductions - What is the 2% rule?

deposit box rental, and investment fees. Most other "Miscellaneous Deductions" are also subject to the 2% rule. Do I have to do any calculations when entering my deductions in to my account on TaxSlayer? No. When entering deductions

How do I add a miscellaneous deduction that is not in TaxSlayer's list?

If you need to report a qualifying expense for which there is no specific entry field, you can add these within the Miscellaneous Deductions entry page. Any deduction that you specifically add as an additional Miscellaneous Deduction

Federal Section > Deductions > Itemized Deductions

and Expenses · Gifts to Charity · Unreimbursed Employee Business Expense · Job-Related Travel Expenses · Miscellaneous Deductions · Less Common Deductions, including: Business Use of Your Home, Casualties and Losses, and Investment Interest

Job Search Expenses and Deductions

for a job for the first time, you cannot deduct the cost of your job search expenses. You usually will claim job search expenses as a miscellaneous itemized deduction. You can deduct only the amount of your total miscellaneous deductions

Itemized Deductions - An Overview

. Miscellaneous Deductions Miscellaneous deductions include expenses for items such as tax return preparation, safe deposit box rental, investment fees, gambling losses (you can only deduct losses up to the amount of the total winnings that you

An Overview of Deductions for Gifts to Charity

the tax year, you can enter these under: Federal Section > Deductions > Enter Myself > Itemized Deductions > Gifts to Charity. Organizations that Qualify You can deduct contributions or gifts you gave to organizations that are religious

Massachusetts Form 1099 Miscellaneous

If you have a Federal 1099 Miscellaneous then you are required to fill out the 1099-Miscellaneous information within the state program for Massachusetts as well. You will find this information in the Income Subject to Tax section

Examples of deductions and credits that are available in TaxSlayer

produced in the US. For more information, please review Form 8903 . Other Miscellanous Deductions: There are several other expenses that the IRS will allow you to deduct that are simply categorized as "Miscellaneous Deductions

Can I Claim Tax Preparation Fees with my Itemized Deductions?

> Itemized Deductions > Miscellaneous Deductions section of our program.