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Miscellaneous Other Additions

Losses from the sale of exempt government obligations: Enter exempt capital gains/(losses) from the sale of an US Government Obligation Swine/Poultry Producer who used accelerated depreciation: Enter the difference in depreciation from your Oklahoma return to your Federal return. If you have taken the full depreciation on prior year returns, enter the entire Federal depreciation amount to avoid duplicate depreciation. Oklahoma Refinery elected to expense the cost of property: Partners and Shareholders of Oklahoma refinery ventures, enter the Federal depreciation expense for qualified refinery property that has been fully depreciated, for Oklahoma purposes, on a prior year return. Pass-through entity (PTE) add-back rent expenses or captive Real Estate Investment Trust: Enter the add-back amount if you were a PTE member that: was required to add-back rents and interest expenses paid to a captive real estate investment trust when determining Oklahoma distributable income; or was a captive real estate trust that was required to add-back the dividends-paid deduction when determining Oklahoma distributable income. Discharge of Indebtedness: Enter the difference from the discharge of indebtedness amount reported to you for the current tax year and the amount included on your Federal return if you elected to defer the balance over the next 5 consecutive Federal returns. You will be given the opportunity during those 5 years to subtract the included deferred income from you Oklahoma return.

Massachusetts Deductions-Subtractions from Income

of the following conditions are met: * you itemize deductions; * if you filed a joint U.S. return, you must file a joint Massachusetts return; and * your unreimbursed business expenses taken together with the other miscellaneous itemized deductions

My Deductions

My Deductions allows you to track your charitable contributions, medical expenses and certain business expenses as they occur throughout the year. Import the entered transactions from My Deductions to your tax return when you are ready

Missouri Itemized Deductions and Other Deductions

Itemized Deductions Railroad Retirement Tax Include the amount of railroad retirement tax withheld from your wages, Tier I and Tier II, during 2015. This amount cannot exceed $11,669 (Tier I maximum of $7,347 and Tier II maximum of $4,322

Arizona Itemized Deductions

Within your TaxSlayer account, itemized deductions will be automatically pulled from the entries made in the federal program under "Itemized Deductions". Certain adjustments are required by Arizona law which will SUBTRACT from

Delaware Additional Itemized Deductions

Federal Itemize d Deduction - If you are filing a joint federal return and separate Delaware returns, the deductions must be determined as if each spouse had filed separate federal returns. If you are unable to specifically allocate

Mississippi Itemized Deductions

Standard or Itemized Deductions You may choose to either itemize individual non-business deductions or claim the standard deduction for your filing status, whichever produces the greater tax benefit. Note : The TaxSlayer program

New York Itemized Deductions

The starting point in computing your New York Itemized Deduction amount is your federal itemized deductions from Federal Schedule A. However, differences between federal and New York State tax laws make it necessary to make certain

California Itemized Deductions

claimed as a negative number on Other adjustments to CA Itemized Deductions. Mortgage Interest Credit – If you reduced your federal mortgage interest deduction by the amount of your mortgage interest credit (from federal Form 8396, Mortgage

Truck Driver Tax Deductions

Truck drivers can claim a variety of tax deductions while on the road. Mileage, daily meal allowances, truck repair (maintenance), overnight hotel expenses, and union dues are some of the tax deductions available. However, local truck