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What if I paid for mortgage insurance but did not get a Form 1098?

If you did not receive a Form 1098 but you did in fact pay mortgage insurance, you would need to contact the mortgage insurance issuer to determine the deductible amount. Examples of mortgage insurance issuers include: * the Department

Interest and Dividends

Interest and dividends income can come from several sources such as: banks, Government Bonds, Certificates of Deposits, Capital gains, and Mutual Funds. These would be reported to you on forms such as the 1099-INT , 1099-DIV , and 1099-OID .

How do I add a miscellaneous deduction that is not in TaxSlayer's list?

If you need to report a qualifying expense for which there is no specific entry field, you can add these within the Miscellaneous Deductions entry page. Any deduction that you specifically add as an additional Miscellaneous Deduction

Federal Section > Deductions > Itemized Deductions

In lieu of the Standard Deduction, the IRS allows deductions for certain expenditures. These Itemized deductions include expenditures such as mortgage interest, property taxes, etc. which are deductible on Schedule A, allowing a taxpayer

Standard Deduction

If you selected Married Filing Separately on a combined return, you can choose to allocate the standard deduction between spouses in a mutual agreement. As a general rule, you can lower your combined tax by assigning deductions

Interest and Dividend Income

Interest and Dividend income is reported on the following Federal Forms: Form 1040EZ, Line 2 Form 1040A, Lines 8a and 9a Form 1040, Lines 8a and 9a Nonresidents: You would generally include interest and dividend income from Missouri source

Please explain all of the deductions that are available related to my home.

Mortgage Interest Paid: Generally, any interest that you pay on a home mortgage can be deducted on your return as long as 1. The proceeds from the mortgage were used to buy, build, or improve your home AND 2. The loan is secured by your

1099-DIV or 1099-INT: Dividend and Interest Income

If you received a Form 1099-DIV for dividend income or a Form 1099-INT for interest income, you can enter this in your TaxSlayer account by selecting Federal Section > Income Menu > Enter Myself > Interest or Dividend Income

Sales Tax Deduction Calculator

Using the Sales Tax Deduction Calculator To figure the amount of optional general sales tax you are eligible to claim, just answer a few online questions and the system does the rest. First select the tax year for which you are preparing

Indiana Renter's Deduction

You may be able to take the Indiana renter's deduction if: * You paid rent on your principal place of residence and * The place you rented was subject to Indiana property tax. Your "principal place of residence" is the place where you have