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Alimony Received

Alimony is a payment or several payments to a spouse or former spouse required under a divorce or separation instrument and must meet certain requirements. Enter any alimony payments you received during the year to report them as income.

Can I pay my Federal Balance Due with a Credit Card?

percentage rate for figuring a convenience fee for processing your tax payment. For a list of third party payment companies and their convenience fee rates please click here.

Amended Return

To file the amended return, print, sign and mail the corrected tax return and mail it to one of the following addresses: If you owe additional tax: PA DEPT OF REVENUE PAYMENT ENCLOSED 1 REVENUE PLACE HARRISBURG, PA 17129-0001 If you

Everything You Need to Know About Making Federal Tax Payments

If you need to make a payment with your tax return this year, the IRS wants you to know about its payment options. Here are 10 important facts to help you make your tax payment correctly. 1. Never send cash! 2. If you file electronically

Amount Paid With Extension

Whether you mailed your payment with Form 4868, paid by debit/credit card directly with the IRS, or had your payment electronically withdrawn with your filing extension request, this is where you will enter that amount paid. Note

How do I pay the amount I owe?

TaxSlayer offers a variety of options to make payments to the IRS and state(s) when a balance is due. When your accepted return(s) shows a balance due, TaxSlayer provides a payment voucher as part of the accepted PDF of the Federal

Oklahoma Subtractions from Income Schedule 511-A

years from January 1 of the first year in which such royalty is received as long as the manufacturer remains in this state. To support your deduction please furnish: copy of the patent. copy of the royalty agreement with the manufacturer

Indiana Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States

rules are concerning the taxation of your income. Group A - No Agreement (Credit taken on resident return) Alabama Maine New York Arkansas Maryland North Carolina Colorado Massachusetts North Dakota Connecticut Minnesota Oklahoma Delaware

Ohio Subtractions From Income

deduct income from a certain transfer agreement or an enterprise transferred under that agreement if the income was included in your federal adjusted gross income. Contributions to College Advantage 529 Savings Plan or Purchases of Tuition

How do I know if I qualify for an exemption?

If you did not have coverage for all 12 months of the tax year, you may have to pay a fee (also known as an ‘individual shared responsibility payment’). However, you may qualify for a Health Coverage Exemption. To determine if you qualify