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Suggestions for filing your tax return last minute

deadline (extensions can be filed from your TaxSlayer account for free) * If you owe the IRS and/or state(s) make sure your payment is sent in by the April filing deadline ( you can pay electronically ) * TaxSlayer provides

Addresses for Mailing

and select your state from the map presented. You will then use the chart to find the Form you are filing and the address to mail based on whether you are receiving a refund or you are enclosing a payment with your return. Where to File Addresses

Illinois Household Employee Tax

Income Tax Return, for Form IL-501, Payment Coupon.

How can I Prepay my filing fees?

In order to prepay your TaxSlayer filing fees please follow the easy steps listed below. 1. Log into your TaxSlayer Account 2. Select Summary/Print form the left navigation pane 3. Select the blue View/Print button 4. Choose the payment

W-2 - Information about Box 12

Elective deferrals to a section 401(k) cash or deferred arrangement. Also includes deferrals under a SIMPLE retirement account that is part of a section 401(k) arrangement E Elective deferrals under section 403(b) salary reduction agreement

What Tax Records to Keep

proof of payment * Written communications from qualified charities Home * Closing statements * Purchase and sales invoices * Proof of payment * Insurance records * Receipts for improvement costs Investments * Brokerage statements * Mutual

Federal Extension Form 4868 Reject Codes

) is a required field. The Form 9465 Primary SSN (SEQ 0020) is a required field. The Form 2350 Primary SSN (SEQ 0030) is a required field. The Form 2688 Primary SSN (SEQ 0030) is a required field. The Form payment Primary SSN (SEQ 0010

Pennsylvania Additions to Taxable Income

excludable Sick pay and disability benefits that represent regular wages, such as sick leave pay Allowances and reimbursements in excess of allowable employee business expenses The value of property received as payment for services Delay damages

How do I claim the Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses if my spouse was a student or disabled?

. By court order, as a part of their divorce agreement, Mary and John alternate years claiming their son as a dependent on their returns. It is Mary's year to claim their son as her dependent. However, because he lives with John, their son

Examples of deductions and credits that are available in TaxSlayer

to Deductions > Enter Myself > Credits> Credit for the Elderly or Disabled. Alimony Paid: If you made payments to your former spouse under a divorce or separation agreement, you can usually deduct those payments on your tax return. Note