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IRA/Pension and Social Security Benefits

Some or all of your retirement income and/or distributions may be taxable to the Federal government. If you received a distribution from a retirement account (such as a pension, annuity, IRA, social security benefits, or railroad benefits

Iowa Additions to Income

of taxable IRA distributions as shown on your federal return. Taxpayers age 70 1/2 and older can distribute up to $100,000 from their individual retirement account to certain charitable organizations without including the distribution in gross

Medal of Honor Recipients

Enter the amount of military retirement income you received as an individual awarded the Medal of Honor.

Oklahoma Military Filing Information

return. If they file a joint Federal return, they shall complete Form 511NR and include in the Oklahoma amount column, all Oklahoma source income of both the resident and the nonresident. Military Retirement Each individual may exclude 75

Tax Documents Needed To Prepare Your Return

the past year. This form shows how much money you made, how much tax was withheld, Social Security and Medicare information and any contributions you may have made to a retirement plan, medical account or child care reimbursement. To see

What is a Form 1099-INT? (View a sample form)

A Form 1099-INT is used to show interest income that you earned during the tax year. Types of interest include savings bond interest, checking and savings account interest, and interest earned on Treasury bills. To view a sample Form

Massachusetts Additions to Income

, 1040A, or 1040EZ. Massachusetts Bank Interest Enter the total amount of interest received or credited to deposit accounts (term and time deposits, including certificates of deposit, savings accounts, savings shares and NOW accounts

Virginia Subtractions from Income

the amount of wages or salaries eligible for the federal work opportunity tax credit that you included in your federal adjusted gross income. Do not enter the federal credit amount. Tier 2 and Other Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment

Maine Subtractions from Income

U.S. Government Bond Interest Enter your income from direct obligations of the United States Government, such as Series EE and Series HH Savings bonds and U.S. Treasury bills and notes. Include on this line only the amount of interest

Other Types of Income Forms

on this form. Even if you have received the income and don't have it in-hand, reinvested earnings are still taxable. 1099-INT statements are also issued for those who have cashed in savings bonds. Form 1099-G - If you received a state