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Arkansas Political Contribution Credit

. The contribution must be made by April 15, 2017 to be claimed on the 2016 tax return. For more information view State Form AR1000TC .

What is a 5498 IRA Contribution?

The Form 5498 reports the contributions you paid into an IRA throughout the year. To see an example of this form please select the link provided below. Example of Form 5498: Click here Additional Articles that may be of interest: Can I take an IRA Deduction for the amount I contributed to a 401(k) plan last year? Can I deduct contributions I made to my spouse's IRA? General Guidelines for the IRA Deduction

Louisiana Retirement Benefits

Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement Benefits Enter the amount of retirement benefits received from the Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System. This amount should be included in the amount on Schedule E, Line 1. Louisiana State

Utah Retirement Tax Credit

Note : Any retirement credit that is more than the tax liability may not be carried back or forward. A. Taxpayers Age 65 or Older as of December 31, 2015 Each taxpayer (you, and/or your spouse if filing jointly) age 65 or older at the end

Arkansas Eligible Retirement Exclusion

You are eligible for the $6,000 exemption for retirement or disability benefits provided the distribution was from public or private employment-related retirement systems, plans, or programs. (The re­cipient need not be retired

Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savings

-navigation bar, select Deductions>>>Enter Myself>>>Adjustments>>>Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savings. For additional information regarding this penalty, please refer to IRS Publication 550.

Georgia Retirement/Disability Income Exclusion

For tax year 2016, the maximum retirement income exclusion is $35,000 for taxpayers who are: * 62-64 years of age or * less than 62 and permanently disabled to such an extent that they are unable to perform any type of gainful employment

What is a 5498-ESA (Education Savings Account) ?

Coverdell ESA Contributions 5498-ESA The Form 5498-ESA reports to you the education savings account contributions, transfers or distributions that you have made throughout the year. For an example of this form please select the link

Indiana's CollegeChoice 529 Education Savings Plan Credit

You may be eligible for a credit if you made contributions to Indiana’s CollegeChoice 529 education savings plan. While there are many 529 college savings plans available both in Indiana and nation-wide, only contributions made

Virginia College Savings Plan Income Distribution or Refund

Enter the amount of any income included in federal adjusted gross income that is attributable to a distribution of benefits or a refund from the Virginia College Savings Plan (previously called the Virginia Higher Education Tuition Trust