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South Carolina Additions to Income

Credit (Sch. TC-47), may not claim a deduction for the same qualified contribution which results in the credit. Federal net operating loss when claiming a larger amount than for state purposes is an addition. Expenses deducted on the federal

Utah Apportionable Nonrefundable Credits

back or forward . Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) 529 Plan Credit If a qualified contribution was made to your Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) account, you may claim a nonrefundable credit. To qualify, the contribution must

Ohio Additions to Income

an Ohio medical savings account for nonmedical purposes if the amount of the withdrawal was deducted on a previous year’s Ohio income tax return. Also enter any lump sum distribution amount that you reported on IRS form 4972. Reimbursements

Virginia Subtractions from Income

Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Benefits Enter the amount of Tier 2 vested dual benefits and other Railroad Retirement Act Benefits and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act Benefits included in federal adjusted gross income and reported

Wisconsin Subtractions from Income

and the Federal Employees' Retirement System. Payments from the federal Thrift Savings Plan do not qualify for the subtraction. Railroad Retirement Benefits, Railroad Unemployment Insurance, and Sickness Benefits - Code 07 Wisconsin does not tax

Modified Adjusted Gross Income and the ACA (Obamacare) Requirements

and add excluded foreign income, Tax-exempt interest, and Nontaxable Social Security benefits (including tier 1 railroad retirement benefits). Based on the total household income and the size of the household, you may qualify for lower health

Alabama Income You MUST Report

, commissions, fees, and tips. Dividends ( Schedule B ). Interest on bank deposits, bonds, notes, Federal Income Tax Refunds, mortgages on which you receive payments, accounts with savings and loan associations, mutual savings banks, credit unions

Rhode Island Subtractions from Income

government included in Federal AGI but exempt from state income taxes. Rhode Island fiduciary adjustment as beneficiary of an estate or trust. Elective deduction for new research and development facilities. Railroad Retirement benefits included

Married Filing Separately

received. The following credits and deductions are reduced at income levels half those for a joint return:Your capital loss deduction limit is $1,500 (instead of $3,000 on a joint return). The Child tax credit, The retirement savings

What are Passive Activities?

and Tier 1 Railroad Retirement Benefits Deductible contributions to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and section 501(c)(18) pension plans. The exclusion from income of interest from qualified US savings bonds used to pay qualified higher