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Education Credit - Form 8863

There are two tax credits available to persons who pay expenses for higher (postsecondary) education. They are: The American Opportunity Credit, and The Lifetime Learning Credit Can you claim more than one education credit this year

Arkansas Political Contribution Credit

Enter the amount of allowable State Political Contributions Credit(s) on this line. The allowable credit(s) cannot exceed $50 for Filing Status 1, 3, 5 or 6 or $100 total for Filing Status 2 or 4. A credit of up to $50.00 per taxpayer

Idaho Grocery Credit

If you are a resident of Idaho, you may claim a credit for each personal exemption for which a deduction is permitted and claimed on your Idaho income tax return, provided the individual claimed as an exemption is a resident of Idaho

Utah Retirement Tax Credit

Note : Any retirement credit that is more than the tax liability may not be carried back or forward. A. Taxpayers Age 65 or Older as of December 31, 2014 Each taxpayer (you, and/or your spouse if filing jointly) age 65 or older at the end

Iowa Tuition and Textbook Credit

Taxpayers who have one or more dependents attending Kindergarten through 12th grade in an accredited Iowa school may take a credit for each dependent for amounts paid for tuition and textbooks. Dependents must have attended a school

Lake County Credit

Lake County (Indiana) Residential Income Tax Credit You may be eligible to claim a Lake County (Indiana) residential income tax credit if you meet all three of the following requirements. You paid property tax to Lake County (Indiana

Georgia Rural Physicians Credit

Georgia provides for a $5,000.00 tax credit for rural physicians. The tax credit may be claimed for not more than five years. There is no carryover or carry-back available. The credit cannot exceed the taxpayer's income tax liability

MN K-12 Education Credit

A variety of expenses may qualify for the K-12 Subtraction and Credit. The sections below outline these “qualifying expenses,” when to claim them, and what expenses do not qualify. Expenses are only eligible for the credit or subtraction

Georgia Low Emission Vehicle Credit

This is a credit of the lesser of 10% of the cost of the vehicle or $2,500, for the purchase or lease of a new low emission vehicle. There is also a credit for the conversion of a standard vehicle to a low emission vehicle which is equal

Foreign Taxes NOT Eligible for a credit?

You cannot take a Foreign Tax Credit based on any of the following taxes: 1. Taxes paid to a foreign country that you do not legally owe, including amounts eligible for refund by the foreign country. If you do not exercise your available