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Georgia Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State

Georgia allows a credit for tax paid to another state on income taxable to Georgia and the other state. TaxSlayer will automatically calculate this credit for your Resident Georgia return if you have a NonResident return created

Iowa Out-of-State Tax Credit

, then the Iowa resident may be able to claim a credit for taxes paid to another state. * Nonresidents of Iowa cannot claim this credit. * Part-year residents of Iowa may claim this credit only if the income they earned during that part

New Jersey Property Tax Credit

Homeowners and tenants who pay property taxes, either directly or through rent, on their principal residence in New Jersey may qualify for either a deduction or a refundable credit on their New Jersey resident income tax return. Homeowners

Child and Dependent Care Credit Qualifications

To claim the credit for child and dependent care expenses, you must meet ALL five conditions below: 1. Your filing status may be single, head of household, qualifying widow(er) with dependent child, or married filing jointly. 2. The care

Georgia Qualified Caregiving Expense Credit

Georgia provides a qualified caregiving expense credit equal to 10 percent of the cost of qualified caregiving expenses for a qualifying family member. The credit cannot exceed $150.00. Qualified services include: * Home Health Agency

Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State - Overview

On most state returns, there is an option to take a credit for taxes paid to another state. However, many times this credit is taken incorrectly. There are generally only a few situations in which you are actually eligible to correctly

California Other State Tax Credit

to that state or US possession on income that is also taxed by California may claim the other state tax credit: Alabama Louisiana New Mexico Virginia American Samoa Maine New York (dual residents*) Arkansas Maryland North Carolina Virgin

What is an Advanced Premium Tax Credit? (Obamacare/ACA)

An Advanced Premium Tax Credit is a payment paid each month directly to the insurance company to assist individuals with paying their monthly health insurance premiums. If you purchased coverage through the Marketplace, and receive

Credit for Contributions Made to Indiana Colleges & Universities

If you donated money or property to an Indiana college or university, you may be able to take a credit of up to $100 on a single return or $200 on a joint return. For additional information about this credit, please see Income Tax

General Information About the First Time Homebuyer Credit

The First-Time Homebuyer Credit (Form 5405) was available for a limited time only (to 2011). The credit: * Applies to home purchases after April 8, 2008, and entered into contract before May 1, 2010 and closed before October 1, 2010