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How do I file a return for my deceased spouse?

Married Filing Jointly If your spouse died during the year, you are considered married for the whole year for filing status purposes. If you did not remarry before the end of the tax year, you can file a joint return for yourself and your

Are you a Non-Obligated Spouse?

If your spouse owes the state of Missouri any child support payments, back taxes, student loans, etc., and you do not want any portion of your refund used to pay the amounts owed solely by your spouse, select YES to claim yourself as a non

Allocating exemptions on Injured Spouse form

At least one exemption must be allocated to the uninjured spouse. All other exemptions can be allocated to the Injured Spouse.

What is a "Non-Working Spouse" exemption?

A "Non-Working Spouse" exemption only applies to taxpayers that are filing a Married Filing Separate return. If you are filing a Married Separate (MFS) return, the primary taxpayer can claim an exemption for the spouse only if the spouse

New York Non-obligated Spouse

If you want to disclaim your spouse’s defaulted governmental education, state university, or city university loan or past-due support or past-due legally enforceable debt owed to a New York State agency or a New York City tax warrant

Allocation of tax withheld on injured spouse form

Any federal tax withheld on the uninjured spouse’s W-2 or 1099 must be allocated to the uninjured spouse. Please click here for instructions from the IRS on Form 8379 (Injured Spouse Allocation).

Do I need to file for Innocent Spouse Relief?

"Innocent Spouse" is a term referred to a spouse who has no knowledge or direct liability to an erroneous reporting of income and tax. **Use of this option can delay the processing of your return, as a manual review from the IRS may

Injured Spouse Allocation Form (Form 8379)

A taxpayer is considered an injured spouse when a joint overpayment (refund) was/is expected to be applied to a past due obligation of the other spouse. By filing Form 8379 , the injured spouse may be able to get back his or her portion

Hawaii- Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRA)

The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act provides that a qualifying nonresident spouse of a servicemember may source his or her income from services performed in Hawaii to their state of residence. Income received by the servicemember’s

New York Nonobligated Spouse Allocations - Form IT-280

Who Qualifies: You qualify as a non-obligated spouse if (1) you have income (such as wages or interest) and prepaid taxes (such as withholding or estimated tax payments) to report on a joint return, or (2) you are going to file a joint