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Where do you get the 5-digit Self-Select PIN?

. If filing a joint return, each spouse can have their own unique PIN. The PIN must be 5 numbers and cannot begin or end with 0. You will be asked to create your 5-digit Self-Select PIN when completing the e-file process to submit your return

Reject Code 1034 - "In Care Of" Missing LEGACY

than their spouse. Once this has been entered you may resubmit the return at no additional charge.

Kansas Military Filing Information

but are stationed in Kansas due to military orders, you must file a Kansas return if you (or your spouse if filing jointly) received income from Kansas sources. Only income from Kansas sources is used to determine the Kansas income tax due

What types of loans DO NOT qualify for the student loan interest deduction?

persons include: Your spouse, Your brothers and sisters, Your half brothers and half sisters, Your ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc.), Your lineal descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.), OR Certain corporations, partnerships, trusts

What is a 5498 IRA Contribution?

Deduction for the amount I contributed to a 401(k) plan last year? Can I deduct contributions I made to my spouse's IRA? General Guidelines for the IRA Deduction

Top Five Facts about Dependents and Exemptions

is determined by your filing status. 3. Dependents may not claim an exemption : If you claim someone as a dependent, such as your child, that dependent may not claim a personal exemption on their own tax return. 4. Your spouse is never considered your

Iowa Tuition and Textbook Credit

. In the case of a divorced or separated parents , only the spouse claiming the dependent can claim the amounts paid by that spouse for tuition and textbooks for that dependent. Expenses for textbooks or other items for home schooling , tutoring

Schedule SP (Tax Forgiveness Credit)

Qualifications for Tax Forgiveness are: You are subject to Pennsylvania personal income tax. You and/or your spouse are liable for Pennsylvania tax on your income (or would be liable if you earned, received, or realized taxable income) You

Helpful Page Information

Personal Information: This includes Taxpayer/Spouse SSNs, Names, Birth Dates & Mailing Address. You can update, correct or delete your personal information here. Dependents/Qualifying Person: Basic Information for Dependents or Qualifying

Basic Information > Dependents> Dependent is Married

as a Claim of Refund AND No tax liability would exist for either spouse if they filed separate returns