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Personal Information

Edit Taxpayer/Spouse SSN's, Names, Birth Dates & Mailing Addresses

New York Subtractions from Income

persecuted or targeted for persecution by the Nazi regime), or distributions received because of your or a decedent’s status as a victim of Nazi persecution, or as a spouse or heir of the victim (successors or assignees, if payment is from

Wisconsin Subtractions from Income

Medical Care Insurance - Code 01 You may be able to subtract all or a portion of the cost of your medical care insurance. " Medical care insurance " means a medical care insurance policy that covers you, your spouse, and dependents

New York Subtractions from Income

in the adjusted bases. Note : If you divide gain with respect to jointly owned property between you and your spouse, then you must also divide any subtraction for different adjusted bases between you and your spouse . Income Earned Before 1960

Iowa Pension Exclusion Rules for Married Filing Separate Filers

If both spouses have pension income, and both meet the eligibility requirements, the exclusion of up to $12,000 is prorated between them in the ratio that each spouse's pension relates to the total pension received by both spouses. If only

Mississippi Married Filing Status

when only one spouse has income. Place all income, deductions, exemptions, etc. in Column A (Taxpayer). A combined return is completed when both spouses have income. Place one spouse's income in Column A (Taxpayer) and the other spouse's

Alimony Received

Alimony is a payment or several payments to a spouse or former spouse required under a divorce or separation instrument and must meet certain requirements. Enter any alimony payments you received during the year to report them as income.

Can I deduct child support?

No, child support payments are not a deductible expense for the payer nor considered taxable income to the payee ( spouse that receives the child support payments ).

Taxpayer's Alimony received

Enter the amount from Form 1040, Line 11. Allocate the income to each spouse on Married Filing Separate Returns.

Check here if Taxpayer is deceased

If the taxpayer and/or spouse are deceased, enter their date of death. The date of death will print at the top of Form 1040 along with the word 'Deceased'.