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Amending Filing Status from MFJ to MFS (or MFS to MFJ)

> Filing Status. Change the filing status to Married Filing Separate. All of the information that was allocated to the spouse, such as W-2s, 1099s, etc., will be removed from the return. NOTE : Once you have filed your tax return

How to Claim a Refund Due Deceased Taxpayer (Form 1310)

or certified by the court. If you are filing for your spouse that has passed away this form is not necessary for the year in which they passed. If both the taxpayer and spouse passed away during the year, please note that the IRS only allows you

North Carolina Military Filing Information

, tangible property or a business located in North Carolina, you must pay the North Carolina tax on that income. Military Spouse Income: The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act of 2009 amended the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to provide

Who can I pay medical expenses for using funds from my HSA or MSA?

(other than insulin) do not qualify for the medical and dental expenses deduction, they do qualify as expenses for HSA or MSA purposes. Qualified medical expenses are those incurred by the following persons: 1. You and your spouse. 2. All

I received alimony payments. When do I have to claim this on my return?

Alimony payments received from your spouse or former spouse are taxable to you in the year you receive them. This means that if you received alimony payments during the 2015 tax year, you must include the total amount received as alimony

Georgia Retirement/Disability Income Exclusion

. The retirement exclusion is $65,000 if the taxpayer is 65 or older. The exclusion is available for the taxpayer and his/her spouse; however, each must qualify on a separate basis. If both spouses qualify, each spouse may claim the amounts

Ten Tips on Tax Credits for Child and Dependent Care Expenses

If you paid someone to care for your child, spouse, or dependent last year, you may qualify to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit when you file your federal income tax return. Below are 10 things the IRS wants you to know about

Wisconsin Addition or Subtraction From Income - Differences in Federal and Wisconsin Reporting of Marital Property (Community) Income

on your federal Form 1040. Enter any additional amount which is taxable to you rather than your spouse because of any difference in federal and state reporting of marital property (community) income as an Addition to Income. Enter any

Michigan Military Filing

if: the taxpayer or spouse is a qualified disabled veteran, OR a dependent of the taxpayer is a qualified disabled veteran. Within the TaxSlayer Michigan state program, simply enter the number of qualified disabled veterans listed on the return within

Indiana Military Filing Information

in the military, your spouse is a legal resident of another state and you filed a joint federal return, you will need to file Form IT-40NR. NonResident Military Spouse Earned Income Deduction A spouse of a NonResident military servicemember may