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Tuition and Fees Deduction

You may be able to deduct qualified education expenses paid during the year for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent(s). You cannot claim this deduction if your filing status is married filing separately or if another person can claim

Deduction for Educator Expenses

. * If you do itemize your deductions, you cannot claim the same educator expenses as both a Deduction for Educator Expenses and as a deduction for Unreimbursed Employee Expenses. You can only list these expenses as a deduction in one place

Indiana Insulation Deduction

Indiana no longer allows the insulation deduction effective tax year 2016. You may be able to take this deduction if you installed new insulation in your Indiana home during a prior tax year. Insulation includes weather stripping, double

Section 179 Deduction Limitations

Taking the Section 179 election allows the taxpayer to elect to deduct the total cost of the property purchased in lieu of depreciating the property over the life value. Your section 179 deduction is generally the cost of the qualifying

Non-Indiana Locality Earnings Deduction

This deduction is no longer available effective tax year 2016. You may still claim the non-Indiana locality earnings deduction for a prior year return. You may be allowed a deduction if you have income being taxed by a locality (local

Section 179 Expensing Deduction

If you reported 80% of federal section 179 expensing as an addition to income on in a year 2008 through 2012 on your Minnesota M1M, you can elect to have 20% of this as a subtraction for 2013. 2013 Form M1 Instructions

Select the Deduction and enter amount below

this deduction on your Virginia return only if you were eligible to claim a credit for child and dependent care expenses on your federal return. Enter the amount on which the federal credit for child and dependent care is based

Deduction for Mortgage Insurance Premiums (Overview)

> Itemized Deductions > Mortgage Interest and Expenses. Once you are done entering any mortgage interest that you paid, you will be taken to the Schedule A Interest menu where you can select PMI Deduction . Q. Where can I find the deductible

Limitations on your deduction for Charitable Contributions

If your charitable contributions meet one of the following conditions, the amount of your deduction may be limited: 1. Your cash contributions of ordinary income property are more than 30% of your AGI. 2. Your gifts of capital gain

Deduction for State and Local Income Taxes

applied to this year's state taxes would qualify for a deduction on your federal return. Mandatory contributions you made to the California, New Jersey, or New York Non occupational Disability Benefit Fund, Rhode Island Temporary Disability