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Louisiana Retirement Benefits

Teachers’ Retirement Benefits Enter the amount of retirement benefits received from the Louisiana State Teachers’ Retirement System. This amount should be included in the amount on Schedule E, Line 1. Federal Retirement Benefits Enter

Georgia Subtractions from Income

: Income from any fund, program or system which is exempted by Federal law or treaty. 8. Teachers Retirement : Adjustment for teachers retired from the Teacher’s Retirement System of Georgia for contributions paid between July 1, 1987 and December

North Carolina Subtractions from Income

defined benefit plans , such as the North Carolina Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System, the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees’ Retirement System, the North Carolina Consolidated Judicial Retirement System, the Federal

New York Additions to Income

the NYS Employees’ Retirement System and the NYS Police and Fire Retirement System; or • a member of the NYS Teachers’ Retirement System; or • an employee of the State or City University of New York who belongs to the Optional Retirement Program

Tax Benefits for Education

. Students and parents of students are not the only ones who can claim a Back-to-School tax benefit. As summer comes to an end, many teachers and other eligible educators are preparing for the start of the new school year. That preparation could

Alabama Income you DO NOT Report

Do not include the below amounts when deciding if you must file a return for Alabama: * United States Retirement System benefits. * State of Alabama Teachers’ Retirement System benefits. * State of Alabama Employees’ Retirement System

West Virginia Military Filing Information

. The modification for pensions and annuities received from the West Virginia Public Employees’ retirement System, the West Virginia Teachers’ Retirement System, Military Retirement and Federal Retirement is limited to a maximum of $2,000

Kansas Additions to Income

to determine the amount of taxable (non-Kansas) bond interest to enter here. Contributions to Any Kansas Public Employee Retirement System Individuals affected are state employees, teachers, school district employees and other regular and special

Idaho Donations

, informational brochures, and a nongame wildlife newspaper series available to the public and used by teachers. Contact the Department of Fish and Game at (208) 334-2920. Veteran's Support Fund Contributions help provide specialized medical

Oklahoma Donations

teachers. Grants will be used by the classroom teacher for supplies, materials, or equipment for the class or classes taught by the teacher. You can also mail your contribution to: Oklahoma State Board of Education, Public School Classroom