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Category: Most Common IRS Federal Reject Codes

Reject Code 0507 - Dependent Already Claimed on Another Return LEGACY

Official IRS Description:
Dependents SSN (SEQ 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225) of Form 1040/1040A was previously used for the same purpose.

This reject code indicates that one of your Dependents has already been claimed on another return.

Which dependent? To determine which dependent has already been claimed, login to your account and click More Info... in the "Federal Return Status" box. Under "Reject Code: 0507", there will be a "Field Seq #". The "Field Seq #" listed with this Reject Code indicates which dependent the IRS is indicating has already been claimed on another return. They are listed in the order that they appear on the 1040.

SEQ 175 - First Dependent Listed (Name SEQ 172)
SEQ 185 - Second Dependent Listed (Name SEQ 182)
SEQ 195 - Third Dependent Listed (Name SEQ 192)
SEQ 205 - Fourth Dependent Listed (Name SEQ 202)
SEQ 215 - Fifth Dependent Listed (Name SEQ 212)

Once you determine which dependent has been claimed: You will not be able to e-file your return successfully and claim the listed Dependent(s). To file electronically, remove the Dependent(s) that has been claimed from the Dependents/Qualifying Children section and resubmit the return. If you feel you are entitled to claim this Dependent(s), you must file a paper return and mail it directly to the IRS. Documentation may be necessary to claim a Dependent if there is a dispute.

To remove the Dependent(s) from your return and file electronically:

  • Click Back to My Account (from the detailed list of reject codes)and then Edit My Return.
  • On the Main Menu of your return select Personal Information.
  • Select Dependents/Qualifying Children and click Delete beside the dependent that you want to remove. Confirm that you want to remove that dependent and "Continue with Return".
  • Return to the Main Menu and click Send My Return Electronically when you are ready to e-file your return again.