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Category: Credits

Where is my Earned Income Credit (EIC)?

If you are eligible for Earned Income Credit or EIC, it is calculated automatically in the program as you enter your tax information.


There are certain limitations for eligibility.


The earned income tax credit can be a great benefit for workers with low incomes. This tax break returns to qualified individuals a portion of the taxes they paid. It even can produce a tax refund for eligible filers who had no tax liability.


You can find the amount of Earned Income Credit received within the "Summary" page. Once within the "Summary" page, please click "Show Details" next to "Payments". You will see "Earned Income Credit" and the amount received to the right.


For full qualifications on EIC, including who qualifies, how to figure the amounts, and the requirements please click here.


For additional information on things you may not know about the Earned Income Tax Credit, click here.