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Category: How do I know my return was successfully E-filed?

Can I make changes in my account once I file my return?

Once your return has been electronically filed using TaxSlayer, we cannot stop the transmission process. You must wait until the IRS or your state agency has accepted or rejected the return.


You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail notifying you of the status once the federal and/or state return(s) have been processed. The acknowledgement will be sent to the e-mail account associated with your TaxSlayer account as well as to your TaxSlayer mailbox.


My Return was NOT Accepted: If your return is rejected, you can make any corrections to the return and resubmit by going through the e-file process once again (you will not be charged any additional fees to resubmit your return after a rejection) unless you elect to upgrade your TaxSlayer package or add additional state returns after the initial payment has been made.


My Return was Accepted: If your return is accepted and adjustments need to be made, you are required to prepare and file an amended return.